YAY, We've Sold, Bought, & Move In 3 Weeks!

Just in case you missed my last post, we have SOLD. OUR. HOUSE!!!!  That is the best feeling.  The second best feeling, well actually running neck-in-neck, is that we've closed on our new home in Gilbert.  Our BIG move is scheduled for 3 weeks from today.  We will be doing a "mid-move" Uhaul move in a week, and I plan to take tons of pictures to share (hopefully not bore) with all my bloggy friends.  To say we are excited just doesn't come to close - JUBILANT, ECSTATIC, OVER-JOYED - maybe come closer!  This will probably be my last post until I get those pics, so don't go anywhere, okay?

Happiness is this sign in our front yard!

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