Who Moves in Late July in Arizona?

Hey everyone!  The answer to my post header question is ......... The Man and I!  We were so anxious to see our new home again, and it just made sense to rent a u-haul to take a lot of items the professional won't move -- paints, gardening chemicals, plus an odd assortment of things that are too difficult to pack.  It also seemed logical to rent the size truck that could pull an auto-transport, which turned out to be a 14'er.

We picked it up late last Thursday and started loading after the sun was down a bit.  Still, it was 109* or so and quite humid for here.

I had been staging things all day and putting pink stickies on everything that we could
 possibly load ourselves.

The Man was drenched in perspiration - he was working so hard.  So was I, but no way will you see a pic of that!  My car got loaded with all my houseplants, bedding, & suitcases.  We got most of the loading finished that night, finished up early Friday morn, & left for our new home. 

 This is how we made our "grand entrance" into our new neighborhood!

What was really awesome was that we had only been there for 5 minutes, when the neighbor next door came over and welcomed us to the neighborhood.   Talk about a "warm fuzzie!"

Okay, tomorrow is the big "tour" of our new home that I've been anxiously waiting to share with ya'll.  You had best rest up because we are talking "photo overload!"  Just so you  know!  Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me.  I hope to see ya' tomorrow.


  1. Oh my gosh!!!....how exciting and HOT!!!....I was so excited to see your post up....been thinking about you...my friends just got there this month as well...soooo sad for me and my family....I texted her to tell her to go on to your blog....I can't wait to see your new house....hooray for you and your man!!!...lol...by the way, I got the macbook pro and LOVE it...thx for the tips....talk to you soon....xoxo, and stay cool, Mariaelena

  2. See you tomorrow Cas! I would love to see your new home :)

  3. We used to live in Scottsdale, and I would not even attempt to move in the summer....bless your heart! Stay hydrated!

  4. I cannot wait for the tour Cas! Hurry, hurry.

  5. I am so excited to see pictures of your new home! Sounds like you are moving to a friendly neighborhood!!

  6. Been there ,done that-hope I don't have to do it again! Don't get too hot-it creeps up on you!

  7. We had the same experience with our neighbors when we moved in. They've turned out to be some of our best friends!


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