44 Years Ago

Hey everyone!  This wonderful week is winding down, and with it comes a BIG celebration for 
The Man and I.  

Way back so many, many years ago, when these two were just sweet, innocent babes, little did
they know that one day on a warm Spring day, they would meet and fall in love.

    Little did they know that one year later, on June 14th at 10 o'clock in the morning, they would come together with their family and friends to exchange the sacred vows of marriage.

Little did they know that in just four short years, their little family would be complete with a sweet baby girl and an infant son.

Little did they know, but truly hoped, that those sweet babes would become such wonderful adults
with babes of their own.

Little did they know, all those years ago, they would some day have the most wonderful gifts ever.

And little did they know, all those many years ago, that they could possibly be happier
today and love each other more with each passing year.


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  1. That is so wonderful! Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds!!! Cheers.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!! What a beautiful family you have! Wishing you both many, many happy years together!

  3. Carol,
    What a beautiful post! Happy Anniversary! You have a lovely family.


  4. Happy Anniversary to you both!!!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Happy Anniversary to y'all!! Such a beautiful post! Have a wonderful weekend celebrating!

  6. Happy Anniversary !!!!!! So happy to see you and your happy family, may God continue to bless you !! BTW, I'll be celebrating mine 2 days from yours! June brides ROCKS!!! :-)

  7. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful couple you make and such great role models for your family! Congratulations!

    Thanks for following me on Instagram. I've sent you a request to follow!

    Best wishes
    Natasha in Oz

  8. Happy belated anniversary! Y'all are too, too cute, Carol. I hope y'all had a great celebration for your anniversary as well as Father's Day!


    PS I enjoyed the photos!


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