Just a spiffin' and polishin' today!

Hey everyone.  I don't have much time for bloggin' today 'cause I'm busy getting the house all spiffed & shined for an Open House tomorrow.  But....I needed a break & some iced coffee to get powered up again.

I've made a major discovery!  Ya'll know I've said many, many times that I shouldn't be buying anything because we will just have to move it.  Well, on the surface, that makes total sense, but that logic is really lost on me.  I like to shop & when I see good buys on things I like, how can I resist?  My big discovery is my way of circumventing this logic.  Here it is, are you ready--  "I am buying it for the new house."  Now that is logical thinking, don't you agree?

Anyway, I was out & about on Wednesday, killing some time before my hair appointment.  Ross's & Marshall's are right on the way to my salon, so I popped in.  Ross's was my first stop & I never know what I might find there.

Love this small plate with the shells around the edge.  It actually has a bit of a shabby finish so it isn't pure white.  I likey!   I likey the price of $3.99, too!  I can just see it with a candle in the middle, sitting on the counter in the guest bath of the NEW HOUSE!

Love this, too!  It's going to be perfect holding my dish-soap on the kitchen counter of the NEW HOUSE!  It's so colorful.  Great price of $4.99.

My next stop was Marshall's.  I almost walked past this "gem" because it was sitting on a bottom shelf, but my brain quickly registered what I was looking at & I snagged it.  For all you "cloche lovers" out there, I think this was a super find.  Love everything about it, especially the price of $7.99.  Can you believe that?  I'm not sure exactly where in the NEW HOUSE it will be going, but I know I will find the perfect place or 3 or 4.  LOL!!!

 Yesterday I had to pick up a few groceries at Walmart.  One of my stops is always the candle section.  After Liz at Savvy Seasons mentioned these wax burners, I had to check them out.  I have been using Scentsy products for a few years now & love them, but I really wanted another one for our bedroom that fit better in the budget.  I scored this little lovely.  I do prefer the Scentsy bars as they last a lot longer.

I love that these & the Scentsy ones use a low wattage light bulb that melts the wax.  This way I can turn them on in the morning & leave them on all day without worrying about flames & fire!

I put this one on a square deco plate with some potpourri chips around it.  Love how this looks.  I'm using Citrus Twist wax in this one.  It smells great!

Alrighty then, it's time I got back to my "Cinderella" duties of spiffin & polishin'.  Thanks for stopping by & hope you have a great weekend.

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  1. I wonder if my Scentsy bars are defective? They don't seem to last very long. Looks like you picked up some great deals.

  2. Hey Cas, enjoy the open house and have a great weekend, at least you've been smart and done alot of spiffin' and polishin'.I've just been "LAZY" on Loblolly.

  3. Like your "logical" thinking. I think the same way. You got some great finds. I love the beach theme plate. I have used Yankee Candle wax tarts are these better?

  4. You are hilarious! Buying it for the new house - I can't say I haven't used that before myself. I am also in the desert - of Phoenix. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I really appreciate it!!

  5. i definitely love that cloche! great find!

  6. A cloche for $7.99? What a deal. Thanks for linking to the Fresh and Frugal party. Have a great weekend and good luck with the open house.

  7. Good luck with the open house. Love the cloche you found for $7.99. That's an amazing deal!

  8. I love Ross and Marshall's as you never know what treasures lurk. I always go to the clearance area and have found some amazing deals. Love that plate with the shells on it! I don't burn candles due to allergies but your burner is really nice! Thanks for joining the party this week. hugs, Linda

  9. you certainly scored some great finds...love the cloche! thanks for linking up to fridays unfolded.


    stuff and nonsense

  10. Cute finds Cas. I have not tried the scentsy bars yet, but will soon. I love to have a fresh scent in the air.

  11. That seashell plate is so lovely I want one. I can hear the ocean breezes now!

  12. One word....JEALOUS!! ;) I absolutely love your news finds. Ok, that's it, I'm running over to Ross first thing tomorrow morning! I love your new plate and I love your new wax warmer. I think I may have to get that warmer, too!

    Thanks for sharing! XOXO ~Liz

  13. Hi there! Your vignettes looks so great and I know they help add to the beauty of your home, especially after it has been spiffed and polished! Thank you for linking up this week to Inspiration Friday...we always love having you there! :-)

  14. I totally "get" your logic Cass! You have to get these great bargains for the NEW HOUSE. How can anybody pass up bargains like you found. That square plate with the shells around it is so pretty. Great buy on the cloche! That rooster soap dispenser is soooo cute! Thank you for linking up. laurie

  15. LOL Youe logic makes sense to me. Great finds at Ross and Marshall's. Cute rooster soap dispenser.

  16. Girl I don't blame you a bit - your logic makes perfect sense to me! I'm planning a trip to Marshall's/Ross on Friday and I can hardly wait!!!


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