Part of the Weeding Out Process

One of my "chores" today was to tackle the kitchen cabinet that houses my cookbooks.  Not that it was really messy, but because I'm trying to weed out things that I really don't need or use anymore -- ya' know, so we won't have to move them.  I wasn't really planning to post about this, but decided it was part of the whole process of moving & I said I would be taking you along on the ride.  This was kind of hard for me because I love cookbooks;  but I had to get realistic about the types of recipes some of these books contain. We just don't eat that way anymore, so they needed to go.

This is the "Before" which really isn't too bad, just a lot of cookbooks!

This is the "After," & I like it!

The first shelf has all of my more healthy eating books (WW, etc), a little basket (I'll show you in a minute), some folders (will also explain those in a few), & my own personal compilation of recipes. 

I have 2 of these folders.

One is for all the manuals of various kitchen appliances.  

The other holds various restaurant menus, any specials that are going on in said restaurant, or any coupons for our favorite pizza places.

This large white binder holds a ton of Weight Watcher recipes that I've accumulated.  There are some real tasty ones!  The large blue binder is my own cookbook with all the recipes I've cut out or downloaded & taste-tested.  They are all in sheet protectors & the binder is divided into the categories that fit our needs.  Believe me, these are not all "good for you or healthy" recipes -- just GOOD!

This little basket is where I keep my coupon booklet, blank recipe cards & protectors, & extra labels, etc.

Now this is my favorite shelf because these are the "goodie" cookbooks. 

This is also where I added this little wire basket that holds my wax bars for Scentsy or Walmart's brand.  They look cute & smell good!

This shelf holds some of my older cookbooks, lots of cookie books, & ones I just couldn't part with.

The bottom shelf is a good place for my bread & fruit baskets.  You'll also see I have the disposable plastic gloves.  I have this aversion to handling raw meats or cutting onions & garlic with my bare hands, so I always put these on.  Yeah, yeah, I know I'm just a bit strange, but I'm okay with that!

Okay, here is what I'm getting rid of.  I feel good about this.  They will be going to our local Friends of the Library for their little bookstore.  I definitely feel good about that!

I guess that wraps it up for this time.  Thanks for stopping by & please come again soon.

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