Super Easy Dessert

I've been walking past this cake all day, remembering how delicious it was last night when I made it.  So I decided I needed to share the super-simple, but very good recipe.  I don't make desserts just for us very often, but when I do, I try for something that isn't too calorie or fat laden, if you know what I mean.  This is a low-fat chocolate cake.

I know, tsk,tsk,tsk, but I didn't know last night that I would be sharing the recipe.  Geeez!  At least there are only 2 pieces missing, so we restrained ourselves.

All you need:
Boxed cake mix (this was a Duncan Hines Devil's Food), but it's your choice
1 cup of water
3 eggs
1/2 cup applesauce (I used sugar-free)

Just put it all together in a bowl & mix it thoroughly.  I didn't want to pull out the KitchenAid, so I just used my Cuisinart Stick Mixer.  That thing really whips it up, which I think made it extra fluffy after it was baked.  You can put it in whatever size dish you prefer.  I used a 9X13 sprayed it with Pam, & baked at 350* for about 40 min.  Ovens may vary, so adjust your time accordingly.  I let it cool while we had dinner & then spread the top with Sugar-free (sweetened with Splenda) canned Cherry Pie filling.  Of course, I also added a dollop of Lite Cool Whip to each serving.  This was so good.  Even The Man liked it & he's not much of a cake-eater.


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