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Hi Everyone,
I've been away for a few days, so now I'm trying to catch up in blogland because ya'll have been very busy.  First I want to pass on a recipe from Cheryl at Tidy Mom for Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.  You can find the recipe (incl. a printable version) HERE.  I just made this recipe this morning & this is how mine looked right out of the oven.  I always use my Pampered Chef Mini-Loaf Stoneware Pan for making almost all fruit breads.

I love that this pan makes the perfect size to share with a friend or to freeze for a quick afternoon snack with tea or coffee or an easy after dinner sweet treat.

Ya' know how you just know a recipe is going to taste good because of the combo of ingredients?  Well, that and the fact that I'm a batter-taster, I know this is going to be great so no hesitancy in sharing.  So, okay, I decided it should get a taste-test & it passed with much applause from my taste-buds!  LOL!!!

Cheryl has lots of good things on her blog so check it out.  Thanks for stopping by.  I have another post planned for today, so please stop by again.


  1. I love chocolate & I love banana bread!! Sadly, I gave up sweets for Lent so I'll have to wait before I attempt this but it looks DELISH1

  2. Looks delish! Unfortunately, I have been hanging out at too many recipe blogs lately. I have made sooo many sweets because they looked so good, and they were too. You sound awfully busy, don't do too much, and don't stay so long next time! We miss ya when your not around. :)

  3. I have that same Pampered Chef loaf pan; I love stoneware. The banana bread sounds wonderful! Cheryl's the best:)


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