What's Blooming?

Hey friends!  Hope ya'll are off to a wonderful start to the week.  Yesterday was a bit overcast here, & we're due for some hefty winds; but the lighting seemed like it might be good for some photos of the things that are blooming around here.  I am really trying to increase my photography skills & one day, hope to have one of those great DSL cameras.

I haven't planted anything new.  Everything has been here at least since last Fall & some things are a couple of years old.  You just never know what is going to last here through the summer.

I love this faux"ironstone" planter.  I'm so amazed that the lobelia came back to life after the few straight days of freezing weather we had.

Love yellow mums!


So majestic-like.

This is our Weeping Bottle Brush that sits in the front flower bed.  It is just starting to bloom.

Easy to see why it's called a"Bottlebrush".

Busy bee doing his thing!

Beautiful Bougainvillea.  And yes, this is the true color.  I love the stamens.

The Petunias & Allysiums are lush.  

I really need to do some dead-heading on the petunias, huh?

It would be so great if we had "smell-a-blog" because citrus blossoms are totally permeating the air right now.  This one is a Meyer Lemon.

This dove was sitting very regally on the pergola as I was taking photos & stayed long enough for me to get this great shot.

A thing of beauty.

I will be happily linking this to DebbieDoos-Monday's Newbie Party.  This will be my last time to link to Debbie's Party because my time in Blogland will reach 6 months in just a couple of days.  I thank you, Debbie, for coming up with this brilliant idea.  You have given so many of us such a wonderful venue for expanding our exposure here in blogland & increasing our Followers, all of which means making more friends.  You are a very special lady, & I feel honored to say you are my friend.

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Thanks everyone for stopping by and please come again soon.


  1. Everything looks so pretty! I can't wait for my hibiscus to start blooming. My petunias & azaleas are blooming now.

  2. hiya visiting from debbies newbie party , lovin your pics i love that bottle brush tree and the little ducks under it ar adorable x hope to see you at mine soon x

  3. Your flowers are so beautiful, it appears you have quite the green thumb :). We're having nice weather here, too.

  4. Your garden is looking great. I have always loved those bottlebrush trees :D

  5. Awww....your flowers are beautiful. But your thank you, really touched me. I am so happy to hear that, and to know, it really was successful for so many of you gals.
    XO I am touched, really am!~

  6. You have a great blog new *friend* can't wait to see more, I also am so happy to have in my blog life, she's a class act

  7. Thanks for following my blog! I'm now following you too!! =o) I can't wait to read through all your posts.

  8. So pretty! I am so ready for my flowers to start blooming!

    Stopped by from Debbiedoos :)

  9. The flowers look amazing, love all the colour! My boys have discovered the 'art' of gardening lately, it mostly consists of pulling the heads of flowers, I can't complain, they give them to me as presents!

    Thanks for stopping by and suggesting I look at the sewing blogs here, I'm sure I will find some great ideas! Now a happy follower!

  10. I just love spring and all the new flowers blooming! We just mulched all our flower beds and they are starting to bloom. It is just amazingly beautiful :)

    Thanks for the follow and the nice comment on my apron :)

    I am your newest follower!

  11. Oh my goodness, Cas...I actually have chills from the nice note you wrote me...You are so sweet. The chills are because one of my all time closest friends just found out last week that she and her family are moving...to where???AZ...how ironic to hear from you now...I'm heartbroken that she is leaving but am remaining positive for her. I think they are very lucky to be leaving the frigid cold of the northeast and living in such a beautiful, warm climate...So glad you liked the blog...I am LOVING your flowers....can't wait to see some around here...a couple more months before that happens though...thanks for following and I'm now following you back...stay in touch....and so nice to meet you..xo



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