My Kitchen Pantry "From Pandemonium to Organized Bliss"

Hey, everyone.  I'm so excited to be able to cross a major "To-Do" off my long list of "To-Dos" for 2012!  I worked like a fiend yesterday, to get this project accomplished -- Organizing the Kitchen Pantry.  I was so excited and full of energy when I first got started, but after a couple of hours, my enthusiasm was starting to wane.  I thought I was never going to get finished, but I persevered and LOVE the results!  Okay, before I show you the "befores & afters," let me share with you my view on kitchen pantries.  I don't feel the need to add extra pretties, like stenciling or pretty paper.  I want my pantry to be totally functional & organized.  If I had one of those large, walk-in type pantries, I might want to pretty-it-up; but for me, a clean and organized pantry IS ".   I know, I'm strange!   So let's get started, shall we?

Beware the "monster" that resides behind this closed door!
So glad it's a solid door & not a see-thru.....LOL!

EEEK......so much chaos!

It really got this bad right around Thanksgiving -- ya' know, when all the extra items come into play.

Truly no rhyme or reason as to where things are located -- this is so NOT ME!

Not good use of this great additional storage space.

Good grief........

this all came out of the pantry!  I tried to group things together in categories as I removed them from the pantry shelves so that I could better see how much space I needed for each category.

All cleaned, wiped down & swept!  See that wood on the second shelf?

Those are 2x4's (The Man cut them as I needed them) that I will be using to create tiers so I can better see what's on each shelf & utilize the space better.  My shelves are stationary & deep, so I hope this will work.  Got the idea of making my own tiers HERE @ Inspiration for Moms.  Yes, I could have painted them, but really want to make sure the concept works.

Are you ready for the newly organized space?

TA-DA!  I just love how it turned out!

Much better!

There are 2 tiers on this top shelf, but I couldn't get in a very good position to show you the very back.  The "way back" area of this top shelf is for bulk items -- extra olive oil, cannisters of teas, chocolate syrup, etc.  I need my step-stool for those, but I don't have to access them very often.  The front of the shelf is for cereals, coffee (I have a decorative cannister at my coffee station that I refill from the big can).  I also have my meager supply of wine which I typically only need for dinner parties.  Although it's looking pretty tempting right now.....lol!

This is my favorite shelf because it had been in super-chaos condition before.  I was always buying more of an item because I couldn't find it.  I stacked and used several 2x4's on this shelf and can now see every single canned product I have -- well, all the canned veggies, fruits, & tomato products!

The left side of this shelf is baking-related, and the right is for meats, soups, beans & rice.

Snacks, snacks & more snacks!  The Man & I are trying to eat healthy, so our snacks are more on the right side.  Things for our "Grands" are on the left.  I didn't buy any new containers for this re-org project.  I shopped my storage closet for any baskets, bins, etc. that might work.

The large basket on the left is holding paper/plastic products like cups, plates that we sometimes use when we have the entire family together.  The two baskets in the middle are for onions & potatoes.  I found a plastic lid (that I wasn't using) that fit the top of this wire shelf so the messies from the veggies wouldn't get all over the shelf or the floor.  Using the wire shelf gave me added space underneath for my disposable gloves.

I found this taller bin (again, I already had it) that works perfectly for my extra boxes of zipbags, plastic wrap, & my large package of napkins also fits in it.  I put this large basket to good use housing our bottled water.

I have a command hook on both sides of the pantry.  This one holds my plastic bag holder, but I may replace it with a metal one that I've seen.  I also keep my broom and dustpan tucked in here.

My apron is hanging from a command hook on this side.

This wire system is so great when it's functioning as it should.

You have to see one more shot of the over-all look!

Hope you enjoyed this tour of "Pandemonium to Organized Bliss."  The Man is calling me the 
"OCD Nana," but he quite enjoys being able to find what he's looking for and I enjoy not hearing him ask "where is such and such?"  I call it a win-win!  Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by, and please come again!

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