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Hey, everyone!  Hope ya'll had a great weekend.  It was kind of a relaxing time around here, except for a trip to Costco on Saturday (we just won't learn!).  We also went to a movie, "We Bought a Zoo," which I would absolutely recommend to everyone.  It was soooo......GOOD!

Anyway, I have an organizational project that I've been working on and wanted to share.  You may have thought you had seen enough of my "Studio," but (sigh)......there is more!  If you missed the two previous posts, you can check them out HERE & HERE.  When I did my previous tours of my favorite room in the house, I was desperately needing additional storage in my studio closet, so I steered clear of sharing that space with you.  Then The Man took pity on me (aka: tired of me nagging) & helped me put together what I needed.  Since I've been told that I make my posts too long, I really tried to do fewer pics, but I don't think I was very successful......lol!  Come on, let's look around!

My original plan for this closet was to have sewing/quilting on one side and scrapbooking on the other.  But....in order to utilize the space to it's fullest potential, I had to mix it up.  I have most everything labeled, so it isn't difficult to find what I need.

This is an over-all view of the right side.  This is one of those typical closets with double hanging space (you know, for shirts & pants) on one side with a top shelf & a dividing shelf;  and a rod for hanging long items with one upper shelf on the other side.  I removed all the rods & The Man added 3 additional shelves to the upper section on the right side.

The uppermost shelf is way up there (step stool for me), so this is where I store some empty albums, pillow forms, & just several things I don't have to access very often.  The next shelf is reserved for books/mags.  These are all related to scrapbooking, cardmaking, etc.

These 3-ring binders are for the things I cut out of my magazines.  If anyone is interested, maybe I'll share how I have those set up in another post.

The clear plastic shoe boxes are all labeled with quilting dimensions (sizes that I use a lot) & hold cut pieces of fabric.  Often times when I'm cutting quilt fabric, I end up with leftovers and just go ahead & cut them up.  They get tossed into the appropriate bin for totally "scrappy" projects. 

These little boxes are from IKEA & 2 of them have CD's (both instructional & entertaining/music type).  The other 2 are EMPTY!

The rest of this shelf has some $Store bins, mostly empty right now.

This shelf can hold 3 of these large boxes from IKEA, but I only have 2 right now.  One has "stuff" I save for repurposing projects or for doing crafts with my grandchildren -- old CDs, toilet paper/paper towel tubes, books for altering, etc.  The other one has some old clothes to repurpose for some fabric projects -- shirts with great patterns, jeans to make Teddy Bears, etc.

Down in the far right corner is my wrapping paper container.  It came with a lid, but it's just annoying, so it went bye-bye.  All wrapping paper is in here, including seasonal.  Most are on the rolls, but smaller pieces or flat wrap is just tucked in on the side.

Next to the bin, I have a large totebag (free from somewhere) that holds all my gift bags.  All of my ribbons, shred & labels are in another IKEA box in the large Expedit out in my room & close to my island, where I do my wrapping.

For my tissue, I put 2 command hooks on the inside wall of the closet & hung the white tissue & the assorted color tissue from two pant hangers.  This is working great!

At front & center on this side of the closet, I have the shoe cubby (from Target years ago) that The Man made little drawers for.  The 3-drawer unit on top is holding some scrapbooking projects in progress.  My camera bags sits nicely to the side.  The shoe cubby holds fat quarters or other sizeable pieces of fabric & they are sorted by color.  The 3 across the bottom are empty right now.  

I just have them folded to fit the drawers & each drawer is labeled.

These 3-drawer units are how I save & sort my fabric scraps.  They are labeled by color & the bottom drawer has seasonal scraps.  If you are a sewer or quilter, you know how often you have to find just a small piece of something to finish a project.

Okay, now we'll move on to the left side of the closet, which is all sewing/quilting related.

Back in December, IKEA had a nice sale on the 4-section Expedits, so we bought several.  They were much less expensive than the shelving for the other side.  Here, The Man stacked 2 units, & I've used the IKEA boxes for most things.

I found this cute little ironing board at IKEA & it has a hook for hanging -- sweet!  I pulled this out & put it right next to my sewing machine when I'm working on small sewing projects or when I'm putting quilt squares together.

The shelf on this side of the closet is where I keep all my sewing/quilting books, self-help materials, & seasonal sewing/crafting books.

There is an odd little angle (in my entry, this is the wall where I have my antique singer machine), but is perfect for stashing stuffing, quilt batting & also my yardsticks (you can't see them).

The IKEA boxes hold several different things, including patterns, childrens' fabric, seasonal fabrics, cording, etc.  I use pieces of chalkboard contact paper to do the labels & a white all-purpose pencil to write the contents (it's erasable, too).

I've had this basket with sewing projects all divided up into plastic zip bags for quite awhile.  I've given myself until June to complete the projects or give them to GW.  Argh, I say!

The other area of my studio that wasn't ready for sharing was the doored space of my island.  I would like to add an additional shelf in here, but it doesn't happen to be a priority on The Man's list right now.  It is deeper than the average shelf & will require notching, so I'm not pressing!

The bottom shelf has a canvas box that stows photo groupings divided into zip bags.  These are mostly pre-digital photos & are grouped by my family, The Man's family, our family, & vacations.  I pull from these bags a lot when I'm working on pages of our early years (yeah, it's a constant 
attempt at catching up).  

The upper shelf holds my tool basket.  The Man has a shop full of tools, but these are my "go to" things that I use all the time.  Right next to this basket is a small supply of jewelry-making supplies.  I haven't done much in this craft (YET), but I do have to repair something once-in-awhile, so it's nice to have a few supplies.

So, are you exhausted?  Bless your hearts if you stuck it out through this entire trip (I mean tour)...lol!  I so appreciate each and everyone of you who stop by to visit & cherish your comments.  I hope ya'll have a great Monday and a fantastic week, & I'll see ya' next time!

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  1. I just love an organized closet. I could also spend hours looking at photos of organized closets. You did an awesome job. I just love those bins from Ikea. Great colors too.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love your closet. It feels so nice to have things all organized doesn't it?? :)

  3. CAS, I ove the organization of it all.... :D

    Can you come and help me with the scary armoire in our art studio??? Pretty please! ;P

  4. This is so great!! I love all the shelves! I could do this to the closet in the LSU room if I could find another home for the huge wreath that goes on my gate at Christmas.

  5. That is divine!! Can you come and do mine next!?;) You don't even want to seem um!

  6. I wish Ikea were closer to me, love the storage boxes and that cute tool carrier! Have a great day! Debbie

  7. I am so impressed! This is way more organized than I did on my mess a couple of years ago. I think I like those Expedits -- have admired their versatility for a long time.

    Thanks for visiting and following on Pinterest.

  8. You are getting so organized there girl! Sorry you are having computer problems.

  9. wow..you've done a great job organising everything! very inspiring..thanks for visiting my blog :)

  10. Wow, organized, beautiful and I love the color selection Cas!

  11. My, what great organizational skills you have! Thank you for sharing your project at Potpourri Friday!

  12. Everyone loved your organization at my linky party! I'm featuring this now!


  13. I love it when my craft supplies are organized! Thanks for linking up to our "impossibles" party!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Wow - I'm amazed that you've organized three (at least) hobbies into one space - what an amazing job!

    Doesn't it feel good to have it look good - and be able to find things? :)

  15. You are so wonderfully and fabulously organized!

    Thanks so much for joining our Impossibilities challenge!


  16. I love how you hang the tissue paper!! You've inspired me. Keep up the great ideas!

  17. I’m sorry it took me so long to get to your « Impossibility Challenge » post – this thing called “work” got in the way! But I’m here now and it’s great to read about your Craft Room cupboard organisation - I truly am jealous of both your cupboard and your supplies! It looks as though you've got supplies for everything. Well done.
    Congratulations on making your impossibility possible!

  18. There's nothing better than a well organized space! So glad you linked up to our Impossibilities Challenge. New follower.

  19. This is perfectly organized! I love your colors, and your storage bins!!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the challenge!


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