What I Did With the Christmas Cards

Hey, everyone!  Why am I talking about Christmas cards, you might ask?  I know you've probably already packed them away (if you can't bear to part with them, like me) or you've been a "practical-minimalist" and discarded them.  Well, I've always been somewhere between the two.  I usually keep them until I scrapbook a few pages of our Family Christmas, and use them (or parts of them) in my page layouts.  This year I decided to do something different.  This isn't an original idea; I saw it on Pinterest, I think....lol!  I created a little booklet that I will display next Christmas, somewhere in my holiday decor.  It's super-easy!  All you need is some kind of hold puncher, some metal rings, & ribbon.

Oops, forgot to show you the rings.  I had them already, but they are kind of large for this project, so I may change them.

I punched 2 holes in a few cards at a time.  Some small cards only got 1 hole.  If there were photos with the cards, I either kept them aside to scrapbook on our family pages or I punched holes in those, too.  A lot of our cards came with letters, so those just got tucked inside of the appropriate card.

I added a cute little tag that I already had & wrote the year on it.

I simply tied it all together with some red gingham ribbon (because I had it) & that was it.  I look forward to making these each year from now on & pulling them out to reminisce over the past years.  Simple, easy and a sweet memory keeper!
Hope you enjoyed.  Thanks so much for stopping by.

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