Cars Cars Cars -- ARGH!

Hey everyone!  Happy Thursday!  Don't you just hate "car" issues?  We truly can't complain; our little Toyota Camry is a 2009, paid for a long time ago, gets decent gas mileage & has really not caused us much angst.  That is until a few days ago when the driver-side seat belt stopped working.  Now, The Man can fix a lot of things, seriously "A Lot of Things"; but nothing he tried with the seat belt did any good.  So, off to the Toyota garage he went with $ signs blinding him all the way there.  This is where   "good news, bad news" comes into play.  

Good news first.  I wish I had snapped a few pics of this dealership -- the nicest waiting lounge with free water bottles, coffee, snacks, big screen TV, kids' play area, plus a nice cafe for a sandwich, etc.  You can also get a free haircut, mani/pedi, or massage while your car is being serviced.  Yes, all good news!  The best good news, however, was that repairing the seat belt was "no charge!"  Yay!  But......

In giving the car a good once-over (after The Man mentioned a little concern he had), they discovered it needed some work done on the steering column.  Enter "Bad News!"  This meant an over-night stay for our Camry & the need for a "loaner" car.

The Man came home with this cute little Prius.  Nope, we aren't buying a new car at this time.  
The Man has a plan, get it "The Man with a Plan!"  Oh well, The Man plans to buy a new car in 3 years, which is why he's okay with putting money into the repairs and upkeep of our little Camry.
"Bad, but necessary, news" later and our dependable Toyota is safely back in our driveway with working seat belts & smooth steering!  It should keep us rolling for another three years, at least!

I just had to share this with ya'll.  See that temperature?  Yes, that's right, it was in the 80's today!  It rained off and on all day, but it was so pleasant every time I walked outside.  I was absolutely giddy!

I know it's short-lived, but I loved it!

We are still working on our kitchen, but not ready to reveal yet.  Be patient with me, & please keep stopping by.  I love your visits & your comments!

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