My "Most Dreaded" Chore!

 Hey, everyone!  I hope you are having a great week, keeping busy & stayin' out of trouble -- heehee!  What is your worst and/or most dreaded household chore?  I could probably list several, but this one is the worst of the worst!  Can you guess what it is?  First, I have to set-up a few necessary items.

1st -- A nice big glass of iced coffee - YUM!

2nd -- iPhone, just in case someone calls & rescues me from this chore…..lol!

3rd -- here it comes, the board!  Now you see where I'm going with this, right?

4th -- and the iron -- sniff, sniff!

5th -- yeah, right, this is going to make it all better!

6th -- I shouldn't have put it off so long (insert head slap & sad face).

7th -- A little "somethin'" to make the time go by just a bit faster.

Well, maybe not faster, but a whole lot more pleasantly.  I really wasn't expecting to find anything
to watch on daytime TV; but, luckily for me, Criminal Minds & Mr. Hunky here -- Shemar Moore,
popped up on the screen!

Of course, real happiness is seeing that huge pile of wrinkly clothes disappear.  Yay!  I will vow, once again, to stay on top of this chore every week -- I double-dog dare myself to break this promise!  What exactly does double-dog dare mean anyway, & does it have any real clout?

 I've decided that I like to post fairly often, but I don't always have a "home decor" reveal ready to share.  So, I'm planning to share more of my "every day," and hope we can relate on the simplicities of life as well as the occasional biggies.  Thanks for stopping by & please come again soon!



  1. Must be something wrong with blogger today. I can see your text but no pics:( Can't wait to hear more about your everyday life:)

  2. I agree, I agree, I agree!!! LOL I can't stand ironing either!!! I guess I was feeling your pain this morning because I was sure talking myself out of doing the same thing and I was thinking how my mom just irons about everything!!! And I mean she would iron your socks if you let her! LOL Not me! You should see me running to the dryer when is done to make sure I hang everything right away. LOL By the way, I can't see your pics either but I love your new header!!! Love post about everyday life!

  3. CAn only see the last picture...not a big fan of ironing at all myself!

    1. Thanks! I fixed the problem. Wish ironing could be fixed that easily.....lol!


  4. I hate ironing clothes, but enjoy ironing my vintage linens. Something about all that touching them I guess, LOL! Yup, only can see last photo.

  5. My most dreaded chore is cleaning the bathroom shower. --I love that you are posting about lots of different things. Your blog is a fun read.

  6. I just found your blog and am your newest follower! You pile of ironing reminded me of the basket of ironing I have in my Master Bedroom! I keep putting it off, I have ironed a few pieces here and there, but the pile never gets any smaller!


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