Retail Therapy -- Better Than a Spa Day?

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to do a quick little post before The Man & I get back to our "projects."  I hadn't been out shopping by myself in awhile -- when you are both retired, you tend to do everything together -- so one day last week, I went out for a little "Retail Therapy!" The Man also went out & did his own thing.  We do love spending time together, but I think it's important to have "alone" time, too.

Thank goodness it was a bit cooler on that particular day,  because I had lots of stops to make.  First on my list was Bath & Body Works.  I love their hand soaps & Wallflower plug-ins, & especially like it when they are on sale -- well, I only buy in that store when there's a sale!  Yesterday was all about "Fall" scents -- like Creamy Pumpkin, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Warm Apple Cider, Orchard Walk & Vanilla Buttercream, oh my!

My second stop was Hobby Lobby, need I say more?  I always go in with a list & coupon or I'm sunk! Of course, all of the Fall, Halloween, & Thanksgiving is right at the front of the store, followed immediately by all the Christmas things.  I browsed a bit in the Fall section, but only bought a couple of things.  You see, I hadn't gotten my Fall decor boxes out of the garage storage yet so I really didn't know what I might NEED....lol!   I did get more jute twine (that stuff is so useful) & my first tube of E6000 glue -- several projects tumbling around in my brain!  I looked at their florals, but I think the prices on those, even on sale, are kind of high.  Michael's is often times better, price-wise.  An hour can go by really fast in this store!

Then I was off to Kohl's for some new lingerie -- they always have great sales!  No, I'm not showing you my "granny panties!"

Next stop, Sprouts.

If you haven't shopped at a Sprouts, you are missing out.  No, I'm not getting paid!  I pretty much just go there for the fresh produce.  Their prices are very reasonable, the selection is great, & the quality is wonderful.  They also have excellent weekly sales and a very friendly-helpful group of workers.  The link above takes you to their Home page, so you can find out if there is store near you.

My last stop was Wally's World (Walmart) for a few basics.  It was a great day to be out running around, and I felt refreshed and renewed enough to get back to our projects.  The reveals should be coming soon!

Thanks for stopping by, & please stop in for a chat again very soon!


  1. Looks like you made a haul. Love Kohl's and Wednesday is senior day for more discount. Can't wait to see the projects. Have a great Labor Day Weekend.

  2. I've never been to Hobby Lobby. It sounds a bit similar to Michaels's. I love Sprouts, but I miss Sunflower.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day of retail therapy to me! I had a day of retail therapy today too...except I stopped for a little pizza and salad for lunch and it was soo good! Angie xo

  4. Retail Therapy at it's best! ;) Have a great Labor Day Weekend! XO ~Liz

  5. :D Retail therapy works! I have never been to Sprouts. Have you ever been to AJ's in Scottsdale? It was my favorite grocery store because I loved their baby food....

  6. Oh I love Sprouts too! It looks to me though like you received retail therapy and the ingredients for a home spa day. Lovely!

  7. Shopping! My favorite thing to do. But my usual stuff are way different than yours Cas. haha In a few more years, perhaps if I'll become a mom too, I'll appreciate these things as well.


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