It Feels Like Only Yesterday!

Hey everyone!  Today is a very special day in our family.  Our first "Grands" were born thirteen years ago!  They were about a month early, so we got well acquainted with the NICU.

Riley Paige -- 2lbs. 8ozs.
                       14 1/2 in.

Taylor Nicole -- 3lbs. 8ozs.
                          15 1/2 in.

Yes, that is a Beanie Baby -- do you remember those?  The Phoenix Suns would make regular stops by the NICU at Phoenix Children's Hospital to drop off preemie clothing & Beanie Babies.  The little Beanies were used to cradle & position the tiny little babies.  Our little girls were so incredibly small, but absolutely perfect in every way!

Just a few years later, they were already growing too fast for this Nana.  Oh my goodness, they were a couple of busy-bees, let me tell you!  What one didn't think of, the other one would.

How did they get this big?  Where-o-where did the time go?  I do miss those adorable little babies, but these beautiful young ladies will charm your socks off!  I think we'll keep them!


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