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Hey everyone!  Hope y'all are having a great week!  I'm so happy, I've started my Fall decorating!  No, we haven't cooled down yet, but I just can't fight it any longer.  However, I'm not ready to share any pumpkins or fall leaves just yet.  You see, I needed to do a little re-organizing of my storage space first.

We are fortunate to have floor-to-ceiling, built-in storage along one entire wall in our garage. 
I was able to claim one cupboard for my decor items.  The Man used to have large tools on the bottom shelf, but I "re-located" those.....lol!  Now just so you know, all my seasonal items are stored in sturdy plastic boxes in over-head storage & there are many boxes -- The Man just rolls his eyes!  I'll have to share that storage one of these days.  It's pretty cool -- you can raise & lower it!  Anyway, another time.

This is how I organized the shelves.  I seem to have a lot of little items, so I still have to shift & shuffle things around, but I like having these things located here.  These are items that I tend to use & switch out in my decor pretty often.  You'll see that I removed my florals from this cupboard, & let me show you where they are now residing........

This is the closet in my Craft/Sewing room.  Since I'm always reaching for my floral supplies, I decided to make room on this shelf to store them.  I sorted them, mostly by size, into some various jars.  I think it looks pretty, too! 

 I have wire, floral picks, cutters, moss & fillers in a couple of drawers in my craft room storage.

  The ceilings in our house are 10', even in the closets, so I decided to utilize this high space.  I simply placed some hooks up as high as I could reach & hung some of my wreaths up out of the way.  I have quite a few that I tend to take apart & redo from time-to-time & this is much better than storing them in the garage in plastic bags.

There's plenty of room for more wreaths & even wreath forms that I find on sale!  I'm planning to hang my swags up here, too.

These are mostly Spring/Summer florals, but I have more empty jars up here for any Fall/Winter supplies as soon as I've sorted through them.

This was a difficult pic to take.  This is the backside of the wall above the closet door.  I had to become a contortionist to get hooks up here & to take this pic, but I just couldn't waste the space, now could I? 

I'm so glad I took the time to get these spaces organized before I begin my Fall decorating.  It's so great to have a designated place to put things that I don't need while I have "Fall" going on, or when I have "Christmas" happening -- heehee.  Well, that's a wrap for this little project.  Thanks so much for stopping by, & please come again soon.

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  2. Cas, I think this is an excellent idea! All your decor looks so organized. Great idea on the wreaths! Your are very lucky to have such great storage in your garage! I also have a walk in closet upstairs to which I added shelves a couple of years back and stored all my home decor. You just gave me the initiative to get it cleaned up! :)

  3. Lucky you to have all that storage, and it looks very organized now. I hang my wreaths also, but seldom seem to get them out and use them again (Note to self...get rid of them) I have one tote and just keep reusing the same things in different rooms or give them a coat of spray paint to fit in with a different season.

  4. We are storage challenged around here. You have organizational skills, my friend!

  5. Great storage! I have trouble finding somewhere to store silk flowers and arrangements, they just take up so much space!

  6. What a great idea! I'm going to rethink how I've organized some of my cupboards, and I might borrow an idea or two from you.

  7. I am so jealous of all your storage. I have space in the basement I just need to get a system down.

  8. Carol,
    Can you come to my house and organize my chaos? LOL You have such a knack to get your things in the right place.


  9. It is great to have a place for your holiday decorations! It looks great! Thanks for linking up!


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