Bunnies, Eggs & Nests, Oh My!

Hey everyone!  Can you believe how fast this month is zipping by?  I can't either, but I'm so okay with that....it means my cancer journey is almost over.  I only have 6, yes I said 6 more radiation treatments to go!  YAY!  I think it means that Spring is now my favorite time of year!  

I love that bunnies are playing and hopping around every corner.  They do such a sweet job of saying "Welcome, there is love in this home."

"Come in, there are pretty flowers to catch your eye and make your nose twitch, if you are a bunny."

"Look around, there are many sweet treasures, both old and new."

"Oh, look, there is a sweet nest with a delicate crystal bird."

"Bunnies crouch low, and........

Bunnies stand tall."

"Some bunnies even watch over nests filled with pretty blue eggs."

"Yes, there is love in this home.  Love between this man and this woman, that rises with gratitude for  the gifts of life, and with fortitude when there are struggles.  Yes, there is love in this home, and we welcome Spring with open arms of happiness and gratitude."

I truly hope each of you will have a wonderful week of SPRING! 

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  1. WHat a beautiful post Carol! I love all your bunnies...so sweet! And you are blessed to have such love in your home. What do people do without it...I wonder. I know you are counting down the treatments and can't wait to be finished! Have a blessed week.

    Hugs, Vicky

  2. Glad your treatments are almost over. Beautiful pictures .

  3. Hurray for you nearing the end of your radiation. That will be a day to celebrate!

    Love your bunnies. I've been too lazy to bring my spring things upstairs...maybe tomorrow. ;-)


  4. Spring is a lovely time of year and the fact that your treatments are almost behind you is wonderful!! xoxo

  5. Hi Carol! Oh, I'm so happy for you almost being over your treatments! Yay! Now your bunnies around your home are just the cutest little things! I'm so very slow this year since I fell and got busted up.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  6. So many pretty spring things! I love that crystal bird and I'm so happy that you're almost done with all your appointments!!! Yippee for that! xoxo

  7. Hooray!!!! Almost there Carol! Praying for you daily!!!!

    Love all the little touches of Spring in your home, your unstoppable, even with RT going on! Enjoy this lovely season dear!

  8. Hi Carol,, que bonita la llegada de la primavera es una de mis estaciones preferidas ,,espero que tenga un buen comienzo de semana

  9. Your bunnies are sooo pretty! Counting with you the treatments you have left. Almost there! Happy Spring! Xoxo Maria

  10. Love all your bunny decor around the home, so pretty!

  11. I just love all of your sweet, pretty, fun bunnies! What a great collection! And your home looks so pretty decorated for Easter and Spring! Only 6 more radiations... that is SO awesome!!! :) ~Rhonda

  12. O, I love all your adorable bunnies....you have a pretty blog. :)

  13. I love your adorable and springy décor and sweet bunnies, Carol. When I tried to link through your facebook post I was taken to the blogger you linked to. I am so glad you are in the homestretch of your treatments! You surely are such an inspiration, my friend!

  14. Hang in there sweet Carol! :)

  15. YAY I am glad your treatment is almost over Carol!!! You are my hero! You two really are two love bunnies.....I know you thought I was going to say birds but I wanted to keep with the bunny theme.....wait, how many kids do you have???

    1. Carol, it makes me smile to see this at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. :)

  16. Your spring decor is lovely, Carol! Thanks so much for leaving a comment at my 'place' :) Hope your last treatments fly by. Breast cancer? I'm a survivor!

  17. Woo hoo - only six more! Awesome news Carol, and I love your decorations. Those bunnies are adorable and so is the cute couple in the picture! :)

  18. I love all of your bunnies. They are so cute and festive! I hope time goes by quickly for you and your treatments will be over before you know it!

  19. Love the bunnies, Carol! And I always love your positive attitude. I hope the next treatments go quickly! Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. I am thrilled for you dear friend! It sure looks like Spring is your season in many ways you describe in this lovely post, from beginning to end.
    Your home décor and all those darling bunnies make it so happy and joyous, like wonderful things are going to happen. You made my day with such a sweet comment
    Lots of blessings dear friend.

  21. I love all your bunnies Carol! Cute picture of you and your hubby. I'm sure you are happy that your treatments are almost over. A celebration for sure and what a perfect time for it. I love spring. Now even more so since my grand daughter's birthday is the first day of spring. Can't believe she will be 4....a big girl already.
    Have a great weekend Carol
    Take care

  22. Lovely Carol! You are such an inspiration!!!


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