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Hey everyone!  I truly hope your week is perfectly perfect so far.  Last week I wrote a post about multitasking, and I have concluded that most of us do that to at least a certain degree.  Now, if you are like me, multitasking comes in certain combinations.  For example, I love to listen to audio-books, and often combine that with home-keeping....mopping, scrubbing the bathroom, or ironing.  At night, while watching tv with The Man, I will generally crochet or hop around on IG.  Lately though, I have discovered something new (to me) that is so much fun and definitely keeps my hands busy....Coloring for Adults!  Do you remember coloring with your children, and how much fun that was?  Well, yes it was fun, but crayons are kind of messy and too thick to actually stay inside the lines....come on, does staying in the lines really surprise you about me? 

I would buy these beautiful big boxes of crayons in the hopes that I might get to use them before my kiddos discovered them and determined that they should all be in at least two pieces & the paper torn off!  

Well, you can certainly imagine my excitement when the Adult Coloring phase took off, and I discovered I could have these.......

Big beautiful books filled with lovely, intricate designs in black and white on high-grade smooth paper!  And, I could use colored pencils & pens!

I had quite an assortment of colored pencils already, but I ordered the pens from Amazon.  I did some research before I purchased this set, and I am so happy with them.  The colors are brilliant and they do not bleed through the page....unless I press down super-hard.

Nothing personal, Strawberry Shortcake, but this Nana has her own coloring book now!  You will always have a home in the "Activities Drawer," however, for whenever the youngest Grands are here!

Adult coloring professes to be meditative and calming, and I must agree with that.  It actually lowers my blood pressure, even when watching the political nonsense news.  How's that for an endorsement...HA!

My first two efforts, using some pens I already had but didn't like the result....they bled through the paper very badly.

The more pages I do, the more experimenting I do with colors and blending.  There is absolutely no wrong or right way....you just do your own thing!

I think as you go along, you develop your own techniques.  When I look at a fresh new page, I typically decide what colors I want to use and generally put them aside from the rest or simply hold them in my hand.  I have even mastered coloring with Abby on my lap!

Some of the coloring books can be a bit spendy and usually don't qualify for store coupons.  So if you aren't sure you will enjoy this craft, there are plenty of FREE downloads....go to Pinterest & do a search for Free Adult Coloring Pages.  All of the above are from Pinterest, but I'm sorry, I do not remember the site.  I may just frame a few of these to hang in my craft room.  Aren't they cute?

I would love to know if any of you have taken up this craft and what you think about it.  If not this, what do you do (if anything) while watching tv?  If my hands aren't busy, I will fall asleep....total "bobble-head!"  Keeping my hands busy does not deter me from tv snacking, but I'm sure there are plenty who do find it a great deterrent.

I hope you are enjoying some Spring weather wherever you are.  We may just skip Spring and jump right into Summer here in AZ.  It's been 90 the last couple of days!  I'm just going to stay inside, because I've heard there are bunnies around here, and they may want to play!  Thanks for stopping by.
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