Help Me, I'm Drowning in a Sea of Boxes!

Hey everyone.  I'm just kidding about the "drowning bit," well, sort of kidding......teehee!  Unpacking is a whole lot more fun than packing, but it is a ton of work.  I'm not ready to show you any rooms yet, but thought I'd share some of what went on just before and during "Moving Day."

Well, ya'll know I've been packing for a loooong time, so we were truly ready the day before the "Big Move."  I was even able to get a "hair fix" from my wonderful hairdresser who I will truly miss.  I had packed almost 200 boxes.

The mover "Always Professional in Moving" had a 4 hour drive just to get to us, but arrived promptly at 8:30, first with a pickup and flatbed trailer.........

and then with the big truck.  Please forgive the strange fuzzy cast on some of the pics.  It was so humid that day, my camera lens fogged up each time I went out to take a photo.

I couldn't believe how quickly these guys worked, even with the heat.

That's the "Boss Man" on the truck directing his crew.  He stayed in the back of the truck most of the time, making certain the items were packed just right.  It was rather interesting to watch.

They brought plenty of wardrobe boxes -- thank you, thank you, thank you!  We used 5 or 6, I think.

I was kind of getting nervous because the truck was filling up and there was still so much yet to go on.

That's our mattress getting lashed on right there.

Here's a closeup.  There was just enough room to completely fill the remaining space with the small-size boxes -- just barely.  They told me it was so much easier to pack our things because we had used regular packing boxes, & they could all fit together like a puzzle.  We got them at Lowes, and used 3 different sizes but more smalls than anything.

All of The Man's tools went on the flatbed trailer, plus a few other things.   

This made me nervous until........

I saw how well they strapped everything down.

These guys worked so hard, and had everything loaded & were driving away in 3 1/2 hours!

I took one last spin through the house.  The Man will be returning to Yuma & staying in the house for a couple of weeks.  He has a few loose ends to tie up at work before he officially retires.  During that time, he will do the touch-up painting, etc.

The very bare studio.

I hope you enjoyed the "moving experience" with me.  My next post will be shorter, but will cover the "Moving In" part of the experience.  It seemed too much to do all in one post.  I love ya & didn't want to bore you to death.  Anyway, I hope you'll return for the next installment of this "journey."  As always, thanks so much for stopping by & please come again soon.

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  1. Moving is so, so stressful. I am glad it is behind you, CAS!


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