Recycling -- Do You Do It or Not?

Hey everyone!  I have a bit of a dilemma & need some input.  We moved from a town that had "NO" recycling going on, even though trash was picked up twice a week which would have made it easy to make one of those collection days for recycling.  It just wasn't a "forward-thinking" kind of place.  Now we live in a total "recycling town," and I love it.  My dilemma is how to handle the sorting process inside.

This is what we have outside.  "Blue Can Monday" -- pickup of newspapers, glass, cans, plastics.  "Black Can Friday" -- everything else.

If you live in an area that does recycling, what is your preference for sorting?  Do you have this kind of system that fits inside a cabinet?  I think I have a cabinet where this might work, but the receptacles would have to be fairly small.  

Or would you opt for this kind of thing?  I also have an area at the end of a cabinet that would fit one of these.

Right now, I've got a small container in two different areas which isn't working for my organized mind.  But that's another issue in and of itself & we won't go there.....lol!

I would truly appreciate any and all comments, pictures, whatever.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi CAS... I know, it is a bit tricky, isn't it. In my area we have trash pick up every other week, and 'green bin' (food waste) and blue bin recycling every week. I had to devote a whole area of cabinets under my sink to accommodate three bins. I chose plastic ones and then used a sharpie to write what goes into each bin. Only certain things can go into the green bin. I really didn't want to devote an area out in the open for garbage. We're thinking about installing a garburator to handle some of the green bin waste.

    I hope you find something that works for you!

  2. I'm a believer in recycling and reusing whenever possible. In our area, recycling is an option and we just have to put the acceptable items in a bin with the garbage can at the street. Inside the house we have two small bins in the furnace room near the kitchen. My son lives in a town that requires separating and he uses the ones that you show that slide in the cabinet. I guess it depends on how much you have to recycle. When our two small bins in the furnace room get full, we just dump them into the recycle bin that the garbage company picks up. Both garbage can and bins sit under the deck out of sight.
    It's nice that your recycling is picked up twice a week.
    Hope this helps.

  3. I recycle and have to deliver mine, no curb side pick up. Luckily we do not have to sort it. Our garbage is down to one 13 gallon garbage bag a month now. I also compost, so that helps.

  4. I recycle, but don't have to seperate. The garbage company gives us one bin and wish I had two. We just have the bin at the front of the garage (inside) and carry things out there. I am a big soda drinker so I don't want the cans and bottles in the house because I would get flies. Yuck!

  5. Glad to hear they recycle. When we lived in Atlanta they didn't recycle and it drove me crazy. Now where we live in Syracuse they do recycle. We have a bin by our shoes and coats but still right by the kitchen. This way it is out of our way but still inside and close. Once full we just put outside and bring in another bin. Good luck.

  6. Hi CAS. I have a stainless trash can for the regular trash sitting at the end of one of my counters. I bought a cheapo plastic white can that fits under my sink for my recyleables. I like the double stainless one that you show a picture of better than my solution.

  7. I'm catching up on everything I missed. We recycle. We have a desk area in the hallway that we put the newspapers on & we bring everything out to the bin outside once a day or every other day. It's not the ideal solution but it works for us. We didn't have an ideal spot to put a bin inside.


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