Recycling -- Do You Do It or Not?

Hey everyone!  I have a bit of a dilemma & need some input.  We moved from a town that had "NO" recycling going on, even though trash was picked up twice a week which would have made it easy to make one of those collection days for recycling.  It just wasn't a "forward-thinking" kind of place.  Now we live in a total "recycling town," and I love it.  My dilemma is how to handle the sorting process inside.

This is what we have outside.  "Blue Can Monday" -- pickup of newspapers, glass, cans, plastics.  "Black Can Friday" -- everything else.

If you live in an area that does recycling, what is your preference for sorting?  Do you have this kind of system that fits inside a cabinet?  I think I have a cabinet where this might work, but the receptacles would have to be fairly small.  

Or would you opt for this kind of thing?  I also have an area at the end of a cabinet that would fit one of these.

Right now, I've got a small container in two different areas which isn't working for my organized mind.  But that's another issue in and of itself & we won't go there.....lol!

I would truly appreciate any and all comments, pictures, whatever.  Thanks for stopping by.

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