Dining-Sitting Room All Set!

Hey, everyone!  Can you believe it's Christmas Eve Eve?  This week has just flown by, and I still have things I want to share, but lots on my plate today.  Hopefully, though, I can squeeze in one more post after this one.  I know ya'll will be waiting with bated breath....lol!  I got busy yesterday & got the sitting-dining room area all set for our family Christmas Eve celebration.  Do you want to see?  Of course you do!  I promise to keep the words to a minimum!

View from the foyer.

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Just placed the hurricanes on an old silver tray with some sparkly garland & a few random ornaments.

More of the little stockings I found at the $Tree.

 Very few things are new, just olden, thrifted or repurposed!

The Putz house & church are from Marshall's for $7 each.

They are lit from within with batteries which were included in the price -- SCORE!
Berries & greenery in a couple of green pottery pitchers.

Some views of the sitting area.

We really enjoy visiting with company or family in this space.  It's very cozy.
Gotta love battery-powered candles with a timer!

Makes me smile.

Arrangement was created from leftovers.

View into the foyer.

Sweet silver Angel tealight holder stands guard over the 42 year old Nativity.

My handcrafted card holder  (see how to make it HERE), then and now >.

That's a wrap for now.  I may have another post later today or early tomorrow.  We will just have to see. Thank you, sweet friends, for taking the time to stop by.
xoxo, CAS

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  1. So pretty! When I see all the pretty tables in blogland it makes me want to pull out my china. I'm ashamed to admit that we're all about paper plates on the holidays! I don't want to have to wash all those dishes!!

  2. so nice and Merry CAS...also, loving how you displayed your photos....Merry Christmas to you, your hubby and the entire family....xo, Mariaelena

  3. CAS....that is so beautiful. Merry Christmas.

  4. Looks so inviting! Merry Christmas!

  5. Everything is very pretty! Love your tree especially! What type of ribbon did you use? Regular or the mesh kind? Very nicely done!

  6. You have done a wonderful job in decorating your whole house and it looks lovely!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Cas!


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