Dinner With Friends!

Hey, everyone!  One of the best things about our move to our new home, besides being close to our children and the "Grands," is being close to long-time friends.  However, it has seemed we were always waiting for this project or that one to be finished before extending an invitation. Finally we decided that playing that waiting game was not such a good idea, when what we truly wanted to do was spend some time with some special people.  Soooo....I called, they accepted, and I planned a very simple and casual dinner for the four of us.  This particular couple were the very first people we met, some 27 years ago when we first moved to AZ & lived in Scottsdale.  They graciously and warmly introduced themselves within a couple of days of moving into our little patio home & have remained good friends ever since.  Living in Yuma didn't stop us from getting together, but it certainly limited that shared time.  We really enjoy each other's company, and knew they wouldn't mind if there was a little sawdust on the floor or some paint fumes blended with yummy candles!   I knew I wouldn't want to spend very much time in the kitchen once they arrived, so I had everything prepped & in the fridge ready to pop in the oven when it was time.  I thought I would share how I set up my table.  Remember, this is very casual.

I felt dining (or supping) in the breakfast room was very appropriate for this casual meal.  Besides, I really love my round oak table!

I used some wicker mats from Pier 1, silver chargers, Fiesta Ware dinner plates & salad/dessert plates from Walmart (last year).

I saw these little stockings at the $Tree, 2/$1, & got enough to have for our 
Christmas Eve celebration, too.

I couldn't decide if I wanted all the silverware in the sock, or just the knife & spoon, & place the fork on the napkin.  I decided on the first option -- all in the sock.

This has to be the most simple centerpiece I've ever made, but it's one of my favorites.

Apothecary jar + faux snow + a bird nest with Christmas greenery & berries + a glittery bird all sitting on a red charger with some silver balls = a sweet little table vignette.  Easy-peasy!

Cute little bird!

As I said, I had everything prepped ahead of time, so this is how the island looked just as our friends arrived.  I just love this working-serving space.

I did some baking earlier in the day & made up some packages for some of our friends who will be stopping by during the next few days.   I also saved a plate of these goodies to have for dessert with our friends who will be with us for dinner.

Just one more little look.

We had such a wonderful evening, but everything was so relaxed and easy.  That's the best, right?

Thanks so much for stopping by, especially with Christmas only a few days away.  We are all busy, but I hope we can all take time to enjoy the wonder of the season.
Merry Christmas!


  1. I've discovered that usually the most fun is when things are the most casual. I have an island too & I think it's my favorite part of the kitchen. It's great for prepping & serving! I think your table looks great. The stockings are so cute! I hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Very beautiful table setting, and the vignette in the apothecary jar is wonderful. The little stocking reminds me of my mom, she always had those and put money in them for gifts. Have a Wonderful Christmas!!

  3. Awesome. It looks so inviting. Merry Christmas.

  4. What a beautiful tablescape, CAS! Your centerpiece is fabulous (love how you mixed all of the elements together ... the little birdi is too cute). And, the stockings on the plate holding your utensils is precious ... your guests are in for a treat ... hope you had a wonderful evening!

  5. Everything looks so pretty Cas, and I bet the other couple just loved being in your home and at your table! Those are the best meals, with dear friends. Merry Christmas!

  6. You set your table so pretty! I love those little stockings holding your silverware and those cute snowflake plates. I think it's great that you can entertain not only family but close friends as well. Have a great Christmas!

  7. Everything looks so wonderful! And how special to spend some time with treasured friends. :-) I hope you have a truly blessed Christmas!


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