Oh Christmas Tree!

Hey, everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I'm a little behind here in blogland and all the parties, because we've had company since early Saturday morning.  Our company is a long-time friend of The Man's -- like friends since they were 5 years old!  So we've had a great time.

Anyway, onto my Christmas trees!  The first one I had up and running was the one in our kitchen.  Two of our "Grands" were here overnight just before Thanksgiving, so they helped decorate this tree.

I think it's so cute!

Phoebe did most of the decorating!

There were supposed to be gingerbread cookies on the tree, but Parker kept eating them while in the "construction zone" of building the gingerbread house!

I turn the lights on this tree every morning when I get up & have my coffee.

I used glittery snowflakes, little tiny cookie cutters & my photo cubes I made a few years ago.   I used a narrow gingham ribbon to tie some things in place.

One more little look.  It just makes me smile every morning!

My main tree went up on Thanksgiving Day.

                         Riley                                                                                         Taylor

My darling twin (yes, they are twins) granddaughters did most of the decorating on this tree.  I think this will be my new Thanksgiving Day tradition!

This is the view from the foyer.  I just love this area of our home -- so cozy & inviting.

This tree will probably be retired after this year, because it's so super-skinny & the lighting tends to have a mind of its own -- some times on, sometimes not.....lol!

The topper is the same one I used last year.

It has lots of lights!

I love the brightly colored packages sitting below the green branches.

Can you see me?  I'm the "white bathrobe-clad" image you can see reflected in the ornaments.  I took most of these pics during the "wee" hours of the morning.

I love looking into the tree.  I always hang my most-worn (I have a bunch of really old gold ones) ornaments into the center of the tree to catch the lights.

I was planning to use only the gold mesh ribbon but ran out and couldn't get anymore.  I think it all got shipped up north to Liz @ Savvy Seasons   in Seattle.......lol!  Just kidding Liz!  Anyway, it forced me to use what I had on hand & just combine several different ribbons.  Now I like it!

Love the reflection of the tree in the window.



As always, thank you so much for stopping by to visit.  I truly appreciate all your sweet comments!  Hope you are all having the merriest of times during this wonderful holiday time!

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  1. Morning Cass,
    Had a few mins. so decided to run by and see what you are up to....like I don't already know. lol
    but I so enjoyed seeing your pretty trees, very nice, and that is great your grandaughters enjoyed doing your tree on thanksgiving, wow, I can't wait for grandchildren! lol

    Your mantle also looks very pretty,
    and know you are really enjoying your first Christmas in your new home. Exciting!!

    You have a wonderful Christmas Season my friend,
    Blessings abundant to you and yours, Nellie

  2. How fun to have the grands there to help! Everything looks really pretty. I've missed the parties too. I've had all of my decorations up since the weekend after Thanksgiving but I keep forgetting to take pictures!

  3. Both trees are just lovely! How nice to have the help of your grands...they are all so cute!!

    Happy Holidays, Cas!


  4. Beautiful. So glad you had the young ones to help you with this. Merry Christmas.

  5. Great job on your trees. I have only one and I just got it put together yesterday. That's enough for me! I'm so glad you are enjoying everything. That's the most important thing...thanks for visiting my blog. Merry Christmas!

  6. Love your trees! I think I'll have to look for some of that gold mesh -it is exactly what my husband thinks our tree needs! I hope you stop by to enter my giveaway! I am happy to be your newest follower!

  7. Looks great! Lots of fun with the grands, too!

  8. Both trees are just beautiful, especially when lit. So nice to have grand kids do the decorating. I agree it would make a great new tradition:)

  9. Beautiful trees, CAS! Your little tree in the kitchen is so sweet and your large tree is gorgeous. What special memories you can enjoy of your grands decorating the trees for you!

  10. Your tree is so pretty and festive! The colors are really beautiful and so are the children! What a sweet post!

    Thank you for linking to the Christmas Tree Party at 2805!


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