Hey, everyone!  Can ya'll believe Christmas is almost here?  I would surely love it if time would slow down a wee little bit so I could enjoy the fruits of my labor, but I guess I'll just have to make the time.  I wanted to share my front entry, because The Man put up house lights for the first time in almost 20 years!  The rest of the exterior decor was my doing, but I was so excited when he took the initiative to purchase the lights & the apparatus needed to string them around the eaves.  So let the tour begin!

The Man doesn't like that some of the lights are sticking up, but after a few days of warmer, sunny days, they will relax and hang right.  Could he be more fussy than moi.......lol!

The new lights are LEDs, so they have a bit of a blue cast.  I kind of like it -- it's rather moon-like.  Huh?

I like that I was able to incorporate my little black wicker chair into my Christmas decor.  Santa may want to sit a spell to catch his breath!

The lit wreath is hanging on my craft room window, so I get to enjoy it all the time.

I made the Teddy Bear and quilt a few years ago.  We had some below freezing nights (yes, here in the desert!) and Teddy needed that quilt to keep him warm and toasty!

This is the second tree of the 4' pair I purchased at Big Lots earlier in the season.  The other tree is my Kitchen Tree.  I used silver, white & red balls, sparkly snowflakes & red mesh ribbon to keep it simple.  I used some unprinted newspaper (leftover from our move) to wrap an assortment of boxes, & tied them with some old gift wrap ribbon that I don't like anymore for real presents.

Santa is waiting patiently below for his big night!  I found him last year in July/Aug at GW for just a couple of dollars.
On up to the front door, I reused my large Mexican pot (that I used for an Autumn arrangement) again & just changed out the floral to poinsettias, greenery, a cluster of old bells & some mesh ribbon. 

Most of you have already seen my door wreath, but I just love it & wanted to share it again.  I started with a very nice, very large wreath from Costco -- thanks "The Man!"  I added sparkly snowflakes (like on the tree) & the big poufy mesh ribbon.  I bought the sign on sale at HL, & love how it seems to fit perfectly.  I've since added a battery-powered string of lights but forgot to get a pic of that.....lol!

I think it pretty much sums up the look and feeling I was going for -- Welcome to our home!

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you are all staying healthy and enjoying family and friends.

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