Merry! Merry! Mantel!

Hey, everyone!  I'm back and so excited to be able to participate once again in some fun party,   This time the focus is on "MANTELS!"  This is extra fun for me because I have an actual mantel perched over a fireplace -- woohoo!

My mantel has very little depth, but a bit of planning & layering makes it work just fine.

The green wreath base was one I picked up at GW last year.  It's really nice and full.  I decided to use some of my special German Glass ornaments & a few others that I've had for years.

Love these bells that I found at The Dollar Store!

Also got the sparkly snowflakes there, too.  The red mesh came from HL, on sale, of course!

I've had the German Glass ornies & the little bells for ever.  I've always carefully placed them on our main tree, but they are small and tend to get lost.  That's why I decided to use them on the wreath.

I love how it turned out!

Good place for some Nutcrackers.

I found some short sets of battery-operated led lights at Ikea -- love that I don't have a dangling cord!

Love my cute little framed Santa -- super-easy, thanks to The Graphics Fairy!

Cute little cupcake holder from HL with a single silver ornament & a hurricane KO that I wrapped with a torn page of music tied with jute & added some berries & greenery.

I've had the star stocking holders for years.  Can't remember where I got the gold fringy swag, but I like it with the addition of the bead swag.

Bought the stockings at Walmart several years ago.  I think they are very pretty.  Why do we have 3 stockings you might ask?  One for The Man, one for me, and one for........

Yep, Abby gets one, too!  Oh, can you see her?  She's wearing her cami-fur......lol!  She's never been around a fireplace before & has discovered that she really likes it.  She actually sits and stares at it when it's off, waiting for us to turn it on.  We are so well trained......lol!

Thanks so much for stopping by.  It's so much fun sharing my Christmas Home with all of my great friends in Blogland.  Ya'll are all just the best & I truly appreciate each and everyone of you.


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  1. Hi Cas,
    Your mantel is so pretty and colorful, just love it!
    And your blog header is so sweet and pretty, love that too!

  2. Very pretty! The frigey swag is wonderful.

  3. I am glad you are trained well. We are too...we have finally learned to move far enough over in the bed so Bentley can sleep between us. It took a little practicing, but we got it finally!!!
    Your wreath is fabulous! I love the mesh.

  4. Your mantel is so pretty! The red mesh makes your mantel so full!I also love the sheet music around the glass candle! You have a lovely mantel! I also love your Abby! She's so happy by the fire! She is such a pretty girl! I feel like I'm looking at my Abby too! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and told me about your Abby! I'm a new follower too!

  5. Hi Cas!
    Ohhhh! Your holiday decorations are sooOOOoo pretty!
    Your sweet kitty is adorable there.... by the fire. Such a funny story about her waiting for you to turn it on too!

  6. Hi Cas, I think your wreath is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight. It's already 32 degrees here and it's only 10PM. Some of the Bougainvillea flowers froze last night and I bet the rest do tonight! Darn!!! Hope this is the end of it for the rest of the winter!

  7. Great job working with that narrow space! Love the wreath -- it all goes together so well!

  8. You did a great job, and I love your wreath, so festive! xo ~Liz

  9. Pretty! I love the wreath! The red really pops. Your cat makes me laugh.

  10. You did such a lovely job with your repurposed, thrifted and vintage items. I really like your special ornaments in the wreath and in cloches.

  11. What a great looking mantle! The red mesh wreath looks great with the red bells and the red stockings balance it all out so beautifully.

  12. Cas, I have been on this computer for three days straight partying, and I don't have a clue how I missed this post. I bet you are excited to have a fireplace, and a mantle to decorate! And what a great job you did. I love the little train down on the floor. I have always wanted to display a train at Christmas time. Oh, and that Abbey, that is so funny about the fireplace. So glad that she was able to get ya'll trained, lol.

  13. Lovely mantel, CAS. I like your collection of nutcrackers. :D Abby is the boss, apparently. LOL she likes the fire, I can tell!

  14. I love your decorations, Cas. The mantle is very pretty with all the colorful things on it. I especially like your wreath.

  15. Your mantle is so pretty! I adore the bells on your wreath and the beautiful stockings. And I love your sweet kitty too!

  16. Those are such pretty stockings hanging from your fireplace! Very festive and love the shade of red. Sometimes 'good' reds can be hard to find.


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