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Hey everyone!  Between doctors' appointments and our DIY project, I have no time to do a regular post this week; but I do have a couple of little things to share.  We were just over in Phoenix this morning getting some supplies from a cabinet accessories store.  Now I don't always go along on these little jaunts, but The Man asked so sweetly if I would like to go, how could I refuse?  Going someplace like that in the morning usually means we will do lunch out somewhere -- YAY!  We have a favorite little restaurant we like in Tempe called Mac's and just a few doors down is a cute little consignment shop called Turnstyle Tempe.  I've only been in the store one other time and didn't find anything, but not true today!
Just look at this little sweetie!
Would you believe she was only $14 minus a 20% special discount.........TOTAL $12.13 out the door!

She is sitting on her little nest with two more eggs in the back and one little chick peeking out.  It was love at first sight -- can you see all that beautiful turquoise color?  Oh yes, she is perfect!  This is as close to "hens, eggs and chicks" as I want to get!  My hat is off to those who are raising hens and gathering eggs.  I got my fill of that when I was a tween, so I am very happy to stick to the ceramic ones now!  But, seriously, isn't she just adorable?  I'll share in another post where she will be nesting.

This was my other purchase -- same price, same discount for a great patio clock!  It is heavy and
in perfect condition.

Great morning -- filled my tummy and got some retail therapy along the way!  It's a glorious day here in the "Valley of the Sun," and I hope it's a beautiful day for all of you!


  1. Your new hen is beautiful! I love pottery like that, the more crazy-colorful, the better. :)

  2. Nothing like a fun restaurant and shopping to complete a great day! Cute hen!

  3. Taking a little drive (all the way) to Phoenix isn't so bad :) I didn't know there was a Turnstyle Tempe. We have a Turnstyle right by my house. I don't often find much there, but once in awhile! I do like your finds, such a colorful little hen! And Yes, it has been a Glorious day in the AZ desert!!! I spent all morning outside with my two youngest K's and am enjoying having the doors open! Enjoy your upcoming weekend ~ hope you and The Man get lots done! Blessings, Cindy

  4. Hi Carol! I can see why you needed that little chickie! She's gorgeous and so colorful! I love her too and would not have passed her up!
    Be a sweetie,

  5. She is cute and the clock was a neat find!

  6. Two cuties!! I need a clock on my patio...what a fantastic idea!


  7. Two great finds, Carol. How can you go wrong with those at those prices? It was beautiful INSIDE here today with the new baby but below freezing today with rain and not a speck of sunshine. Crazy-weather- xo Diana

  8. Beautiful finds! Sounds like you had a great outing! Enjoy your weekend. Maria

  9. That is my favorite consignment shop! They always have beautiful items. Not that I need anything...but it is fun to look!

  10. Sounds like a fun day! My grandfather raised chickens & sold eggs for a long time. I can't imagine doing that. When I was growing up my neighbor had a rooster as a pet. She was just a few years older than me. He wasn't much of a pet because he just stayed in a pin all the time. I don't remember his name or how she ended up with him. I'll have to ask my mom. Thanks for the memories!

  11. Some great finds! As cute as the little hen is, I love the patio clock! BTW I'm still not getting your post in my inbox. Just not sure what is going on. I tried to subscribe again and it says I am already a subscriber.


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