Pt.4 - The Scrapping Zone!

Hey everyone!  I am so excited to share this part of my craft room -- where I scrapbook & make cards.  Those are probably my favorite things to do which is why I am excited to show y'all.  Before we begin, you can see Pt.1 HERE, Pt.2 HERE, & Pt.3 HERE.  Let's get started with Pt.4, shall we?

When I'm sitting at my computer desk, looking straight ahead, this is what I see ......

and this -- a lot of my "happy" supplies!

This probably seems very cluttered to many of you, but this is "creative inspiration" to me.

I would love to have one of those fancy ink pad holders, but this gizmo (I think they were designed for cassette tapes) is working fine.

Most everything I use for scrapbooking and card making is within easy reach.

These towels rods and little baskets from IKEA fill so many needs.  I don't know how I ever managed without baker's twine -- such fun stuff!

I like having my most-often-used punches right here within arm's reach.

Do I really need 2 glue guns?  The pens in the cute tin basket were a special buy from Tuesday Morning.  They are called Chromatix and are supposed to be a cheaper version of Copic Markers.  I don't have Copics, too spendy for me, but these work really well and blend beautifully.

I bought these containers several years ago at Michael's.  They are mounted to the wall and hold gems and some small beads.  I made this tiny pincushion using the plastic ring off of a roll of wrapping paper.  I glued it to the top of one of the container stacks so it won't get knocked off by 
certain little furry paws.

This is the metal lid from a candle and is the perfect spot to rest my hot glue gun when in use.  I actually have it sitting on a tile coaster just to be safe.

Another towel bar holds my heat tool, color wheels, some templates that I've made & just some random stickers, Thickers & rub-ons that I want to use up.

This was a Christmas present to myself this past December.  Several companies make these, but this one is a Recollections item and was on sale for 50% off during the holidays.  I love it!  It takes up quite a bit of real estate, so I have it well packed with pens and tools that I reach for constantly.


This was my kitchen spice rack for years, but it became available when I redid my spices and herbs.  You can check that out HERE, if you are interested.  It is working perfectly here in my craft room for everything from safety pins to curtain hooks and a ton of little stuff in between.  It's within easy reach of both my scrapping area and sewing areas.

This is my main work surface.  I have a piece of an old heavy-duty cutting mat to protect the desk top & for quick measuring, plus I have one of those silicone mats that NOTHING sticks to -- glues, hot glue, paints -- everything just wipes right off.  I also like having the small tray to contain a few necessities. 

This isn't a super fancy cutter, but it has worked very, very well for many years.  It also has a scoring blade, so I don't have to have a separate tool for that.

This is just a lunch bag that I hooked to my table close to my cutter.  This is where all decorative paper leftovers go if they are a usable size.  Periodically I sort through and have another area where I keep my paper scraps (that will show up in Pt. 5).  For anything that isn't useful, I have a waste basket
right below this bag.

I have 3 of these IKEA Alex drawer units here in my craft room and just love them.  This one is on the left-side of my work area.

This top drawer is mainly for my brads and eyelets.

These divided boxes (there are two side-by-side) are from Tuesday Morning.  I think they are from 
Tim Holtz and were super-cheap.  I think I need to shop for some more embellishments!

This drawer holds some Stampin' Up roller stamps (really fun to use), the inkers for them, plus some little stamp pads.

More Dollar Store baskets are home to Stickles, embossing powders & blending chalk.

This bottom drawer holds some jewelry-making supplies and a few spools of twine.

The Alex drawer unit on the right-side of my work area is home to more of my tools.  This top 
drawer holds some wooden stamps.

These are my every-day and most often used stamps.  These drawers are deep, so to keep the stamps toward the front where I can see them easily, I used a couple of paper towel tubes in the back of the drawer.

The second drawer has my holiday and seasonal stamps.  I have my clear stamps in another location that you will see in Pt.5.

This drawer is a bit deeper and works great for washi tape, my black ink pad, Project Life pens & corner rounder, and some different glues & tape runners.

I found these cute little containers at The Dollar Store (where else?) and they work great to hold my paper flowers.

The bottom drawer holds more punches.

This wall-mounted Expedit is home to lots of things that I use often.  Way up on top are archival-safe Memory Boxes -- one for our son, our daughter, and one that The Man and I share.  One of the colorful boxes holds my calligraphy supplies.  Other things are just random keepsakes.

This cubby has page kits.  I don't have many of these, but I will pick up a few here and there when they are on sale.  I've even found them at IKEA!

These are card kits.  I used to belong to a "card kit of the month," so I have quite a few of these, and I  use them a lot.  These kits are really cool and come with everything you need to make several cards.  Opened kits get stored in a ziploc bag.  The binder holds card ideas that I've gotten from magazines or online.

Cards, Tags & Envelopes 

I use this often when I've gone "blank" for an idea!

Here we have a basket full of lunch bags -- now, please tell me I'm not the only one who has these!  The small box has card scraps & ephemera.......WHAT?

When I get really fun cards, the ones that someone has paid way too much for, I will sometimes cut them up,  save the cutest parts, and then reuse them on some of my handmade cards or scrapbook pages.  Let's all say "RECYCLING!"

Just recently, Hob Lob had a great sale on some really cute "blank on the inside" cards, so I scooped up a couple of sets.  I don't always want to reinvent the wheel when I make cards.

Sometimes it is really fun to just add a few embellishments to an already cute card.

How cute are these?

I do cut my own plain cardstock cards, too, so those are in this basket as well.  The matching size envelopes are in with each card type.

Matstacks are a great answer to handmade cards.  They are 4.5 x 6.5, so there is very little waste when cutting them for a card.  They come in a huge variety of styles and are often on 
sale -- WIN WIN!

Some times I will pull sheets from several Matstack booklets if I am making several cards at once.  I just keep those in the front of the basket.

This cubby holds my solid color cardstock, both 8.5 x 11 and 12 x 12.  I have them stored in 
magazine holders.

These small boxes (from IKEA) are great for holding cords, extra plugs, & one even has
 some old CD's.

This upper cubby has some plain colored paper and construction paper that I sometimes use for crafts or I can pull from here for the "Grands" to do some crafts.

This cubby has my Bow Dabra and some blank minies.

Ahhh.....now you can relax, that's a wrap on Pt.4;  but before you go take a nap, I just wanted to share a photo from Easter Day.

The Man and I had brunch at our son and dil's home and got to spend time with our 3 and 5 year old granddaughters.   Little Miss and Littliest Miss were on a "sugar-induced" high with boundless energy and were so much fun to watch.  We actually got quite a few pics of them with their little neighborhood friends, but my dil was able to snap this one.  I just love it!

I will end on that happy note, and thank you for joining me here on my blog.  Y'all are the BEST!
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  1. I'm so wishing I had a space like yours. You are so organized and have thought of everything...the perfect craft room!

  2. What a pretty Easter photo. I love your new blog photo too. The scrapping zone is my favorite part of your room, I think. I love them all, but your card-making supplies just blow me away! Wow. Totally awesome! Thanks again for sharing.

  3. I know this question is going to crack you up....you have all such beautiful pictures of your room and all. But what I really want to know is how do you keep you glue guns so clean??? No, really, seriously....I NEED to know!

  4. Well first of all-that is a great picture of you and those two sweet little granddaughters! Beautiful!!!

    Your craft space is amazing. Of all the crafts I have done over the years I have never made card or done scrapbooking. I can hardly believe it! I have always thought it would be fun though. You have an amazing amount of "inventory", too.

    What kind of silicone mat is there that you can wipe hot glue off off and it doesn't melt? I would LOVE one of those. xo Diana

  5. WOW Carol, Your craft room is just Amazing. And, you are quite the hobbyist! I can believe it must be a real pleasure to go create in your space. Hope you are feeling well so you can enjoy lots of time in that space! Blessings, Cindy

  6. Carol, you are amazing! Your scrapping area is so beautiful and organized. What a great space! Love, love your picture with your granddaughters. So cute! :)

  7. Great shot of your adorable granddaughters and you! Your "scrapping zone" would be my twilight zone.....incredible! I love your inspiration wall, and your level of organization keeps me in awe! PLEASE come to my house....lol! I need you!

  8. Hi Carol,

    What an amazingly organized and colourful space; so very inspiring for all those up and coming crafters who might be planning their rooms.

    Your grands are ADORABLE, just like their nana!:))


  9. I haven't done crafts in AGES!!!! In used to do alot when my kids were little but when I got into floral design, crafting went. I have a friend who makes cards and does some other crafts and your room reminds me of hers! Just recently she had to pack it ALL up and store it, she sold her house, moved in with her parents for a year til she retires to The Villages in Florida! Thanks for the tour of your wonderful craft room!!! And thanks so much for visiting me too!!!!!

  10. PS, Your granddaughters are both adorable!!!!!!

  11. What a wonderful space! I'll be borrowing som of them for my office where I work and the girls and I do scraping there. Happy Weekend! Linda

  12. Thank you for your sweet comment over on my blog! What a knack for decor you have! Love it!

  13. Wow that's just amazing! It's so neat to have a special spot to do what you love. Happy card making and scrapping!

  14. Hi Carol, wow what a beautiful organized craft room! You have so many supplies and it must feel great to know where everything is. Enjoy crafting and have a nice weekend.
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle


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