TMI For Sure!

Hey everyone!  This will be very short, because I'm under the influence of drugs.....lol!  Several of you have been so sweet to wish me well and say little prayers, so I just wanted to report that it is all good news.  I've been having tummy issues for about a month, and discussed it with my Gastro-Guy when I went in for my pre-Colonoscopy exam.  He decided to do an endoscopy at the same time as the colon peek-a-boo. 

Good news is that the "far end" is fine, and the endo revealed gastritis and possibly a stomach infection which can be handled with meds.  I was one very nervous lady but am feeling very grateful and very tired.  All those who say the "SUPREP" for the colonoscopy is the worst part of it, are absolutely right!  

I am a real Nervous Nellie when it comes to doctors and medical procedures.  My way of dealing with stressful or emotional situations is to clean or organize or both, which is exactly what I did all last week.  I revamped my ....wait for it.... craft room!  Bet you are totally shocked about that, right?  Another shocker -- I will be sharing a post about it very soon, because I need a filler until we get the master closet finished.  You just can't wait for that, can you?

Anyway, once again, I give a heartfelt "Thank You" to all my sweet bloggy friends.  I just love y'all!  I hope I haven't grossed you out with "too much info" -- TMI!  Hope you are all having a great week.  I plan on having a super-week!

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