Just Because!

"Are we having company?"  These were the first words out of The Man's mouth when he arrived home a short time ago after a full day of running around.  "No, we aren't having company," to which he responded with a big sigh of relief.....!  Let me see, how many times have I invited friends or family over without discussing it with him first?  Hmmm......let me count -- okay, that would be never!  It just so happened that I was in a bit of a puttering mood and decided to do a quick and simple tablescape on the breakfast table.

Guess you might understand why The Man thought we were having company.  I typically just set it up for the two of us, but I was in a "daring" mood!

I started with the wicker placemats and thought it would be fun and lighten things up if I added the silver chargers.  I like the contrast.

Aren't these napkin rings just adorable?  I've had them for awhile -- on sale purchase at World Market.  Why, oh, why did I only get four......:(

I still like the little wooden tote for a simple centerpiece.

Napkin rings -- 2 spoons & 2 forks -- LOVE!

I changed this tiered basket just a bit since Easter.

I removed all the very Eastery things, but decided to keep the brown eggs and the blue eggs in the nest.  I also added 2 fun cookbooks for the colors.

Okay, I'm happy now.  Tweaking and puttering keeps me sane.... or not.  
Some days it's very questionable......lol!  Thanks so much, dear friends for stopping by.  Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hmmm...I see you have the Pioneer woman visiting your house, too! Love those napkin rings and the table looks very nice. LOL at your hubby- you should have told him you invited the mayor and his wife over and he should hurry to get the steaks on. lol xo Diana

  2. Your hubby is so cute! Alejandro never believes anything he doesn't know first, so he calls it...playing again?...and he even criticizes my tablescaping, like: "I don't know if I like so and so on it...and when he dosn't criticize it, and I ask him about it, he says...'yeah, it's fine!' LOL!
    I love your tablescape and I'm thinking I could make those napkin holders myself and maybe you could too! I have vintage silver adds and ends that were my Mil's, so I'll have to ask Mr. (know it all)...no, Mr. Living about how to!
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Oh men! They sure don't do 'spontaneous' well!! Love simple uncluttered! The little wooden caddy is a great container for a simple table-scape!! Enjoy your weekend~Cindy

  4. MEN!!

    This is so pretty. Carol! I love the yellow napkins, I need to broaden my horizons!


  5. Sooo pretty, Carol The napkins are beautiful. Your husband sounds like mine. LOL Too funny! I love the decor on your tiered basket. The cookbooks are the perfect touch!

  6. I am in love with those bent spoon napkin rings.

  7. I love it, Carol. The napkins and rings are especially pretty. I like to make the table pretty just because too, it's worth it. You only live once! :)

  8. Oh your tiered basket vignette is just gorgeous. I love those napkin rings.

  9. So pretty and Springy!...LOVE the placemats....xo, Mariaelena

  10. Love the colors on your table. So very pretty Carol. So fancy that I almost thought I was back watching Downton Abbey! (without the snobbery of course) Cheers!

  11. Your hubby's response is too funny! Mine would have said the same thing. :) I love those wicker placemats and napkin rings!

  12. Very pretty! I love the yellow!


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