Are You Kidding Me?

Hey everyone!  I'm so excited to be sharing "non-medical" related posts again, but you may think I've lost my mind when you see that I am once again sharing my craftroom.  But I kid you not, I did a major-redo.  Over the last couple of weeks when I was nervous and anxious about tests I was having done and then waiting for the results, I completely immersed myself in revamping my "Momma Cave."  When I'm stressed and anxious about something, I typically clean and organize.  I watched tons of YouTube videos about rooms and spaces dedicated to crafting, sewing & scrapbooking and came to the conclusion that I did not have my space set up for the way I do all those things.  In other areas of our home, I like things very orderly and fairly uncluttered, but that concept was not working for me in my Momma Cave.  For me to be truly creative, I need lots of visual stimulation.  I need the things that I use most often, to be very close at hand and for my tools and supplies to be part of the room's decor.  Does that make sense?  Lots of crafters have these fabulous (and very large spaces) rooms with lots of storage behind closed doors.  Some of these rooms are gorgeous and give me a little twinge;  but when I perused my own space, I realized the areas that always made me smile were the areas where everything was visible and colorful.  Coming to that conclusion freed me to make some major changes, and I would love to share.  Considering that I took just shy of 250 snaps of my new redo, I will be spreading this out over several posts.  I won't kid you, though; each post will be photo-heavy (VERY), so you will need food and drink.....lol!

Pt. 1 is basically an over-view of the room, just sharing the new configuration and some new-old additions.  So let's get started.

                     BEFORE                                                                                      AFTER

You can go HERE to see the entire BEFORE.

As you can see, I switched my computer desk with the Recollections storage cubes -- this works much better for me.

Making these changes was definitely a way for me to "Simplify."

Pretty much everything on the walls remained the same.  I'm trying to make 
"LIVE DREAM LAUGH" my daily mantra.

I'll be taking you inside this closet next time!

My Sweeties!

You may remember I had this little baker's rack in the kitchen-family room area before but decided to move it in here and make it part of my painting station.  The OCD in me would like to have it centered under my paint storage, but it would make the entrance to my sewing area too tight.  I may need to hang something from the lower edge of my paint shelf to get me through this, or a 12-step program........lol!

I have room for more paint colors, but I seldom have need for more than what's here.

I thought I might want to paint the baker's rack white, but I kind of like the black for contrast.

A sweet friend gave me the little ceramic piece.  
I have several dear friends who I consider "Sisters of my heart."

This is a wonderful printing guide that shows font sizes -- so handy!

This is right behind my sewing machine and so handy for things I reach for a lot.

Old peanut butter jars hold zipper parts, velcro, elastic and all those little packages of buttons that come with clothing.  I'm pretty proud of that gold statue award on the top shelf -- I was Business Woman of the Year for the American Business Women's Association in 2004!  Yeah, I use to do things other than diy's and re-arranging my craftroom.....lol!

My sewing area with more Recollections cube storage for supplies.

My work table now consists of 3 IKEA tables and drawer units & measures 71"x47.25".  Abby claims my chair whenever I'm not in it!

This is my blogging spot.

Photo bomb -- caught her mid-yawn!

"Oh, Mom, please stop taking photos!"

"If I do some super-cute stuff, will you just let me sleep?"  Abby is my little
"Momma Cave Buddy."

Right next to the door, I have a cute hook for my aprons & a command hook for my purse.

My ironing board hangs behind the door.

I adore my expedits, and this one has been reconfigured many times.  I'm loving how it is now!

These are very old but new to this room.  They started out as shoe cubbies (Target, I believe) in my closet in our previous home.  Then they got moved to my craftroom in that house and The Man made little drawers for the spaces which held my fat quarters for quilting.  Their next life was in the master closet in this home, where they held shoes once again.  With the new master closet (it won't be long now), the cubbies were up for grabs, and I decided to try them here in the craftroom.  I removed some of the section pieces to accommodate my needs.  I've even found new uses for those little drawers The Man made several years ago -- I'll share those soon.

I have another four-section Expedit (use to be in the closet) here that is the perfect height for using my Sizzex and Cuddlebug.

Also home to my chipboard alphas.

And another Expedit -- this one is mounted on the wall.  My TV and an under-counter light are both mounted on the bottom.   

The Man keeps asking if I would like to have a bigger TV, but with this new configuration of the room, my little TV is just perfect.  It swivels so I can see it from my computer area, the sewing machine or my scrapbooking side.  I'm just not willing to sacrifice any of my work surface area, thank you very much!

Well, that's a wrap for Pt. 1.  Part 2 "Coming Clean in the Craftroom Closet" will be coming next, and yes it needed its own separate post!  The rest of the line-up will be:  
Pt. 3 "Sewing.Blogging.Blogging.Painting"
 Pt. 4 "Fun Stuff Happens Here!" 
 Pt. 5 "This Just Makes Me Smile!"  
I hope you will return for the remaining tour posts of this room which will be fairly detailed on how I sort, store and organize the many things I have here in my Momma Cave.  If it isn't your cup-of-tea, though, I will completely understand......sniff, sniff -- no, just kidding!  I know this isn't for everyone!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and we will visit again soon!
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  1. Carol, I must, must, must come see your space. We have got to make plans! Great overview, can't wait to get into that closet :) Blessings and hope you are feeling better! Cindy

  2. Your cave is stunning! I'm so impressed. It should be featured in a magazine!

  3. What a wonderful space to get creative! I love how organized and colorful it is. It's fantastic. Can't wait to see more!

  4. Love the bigger work station! I thought that your Craft room before was already so well organized, but now, I can see how you eve made it more so! Love it Carol and enjoy so you can forget some of your medical woes! Happy Easter!

  5. What a delightfully cheerful space!

    Have a wonderfully lovely Easter.

  6. Oh to be this organized! You have my dream room. If you just move it to my house, my dream would be a reality! I can hardly wait for the next episode Carol. Happy Easter to you and your family. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Wow! You are one organized lady!! I think I like the bakers rack black too. It does add a nice contrast. And your momma cave buddy couldn't be cuter! She needs to make more Instagram appearances. Hint, hint... :)

  8. What a beautiful and functional craft room. I am jealous!...Christine

  9. I just can't get over how neat this space is! It looks great!


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