Coming Clean in the Craftroom Closet

Hey everyone!  Are you ready for Part 2 of my Craftroom Redo?  If by chance you missed it, Pt. 1 is HERE.  Once again, get yourself some food and drink for sustenance.  I simply cannot do posts that are not filled with photos -- I know, it's kind of a sickness.  My reasoning excuse is that I just love looking at other bloggers photos of whatever they are sharing, so I feel it is my duty to provide lots of pics for y'all so you can see all the details.  Just sayin'......lol!  Today, we will be going into the "craftroom closet."  Yay, doesn't that sound like fun?  Okay, don't answer that!  I'm nothing if not all about sharing, so come on in, and we will get started!

There is a lot going on behind these closed doors.

This is the upper part of the right-hand side.  The top shelf holds an assortment of things that I don't have to access very often.  The next shelf is home to a number of books, mainly ones that I use for reference for certain sewing projects.  I also have some binders that hold pages and clippings (in page protectors) from magazines -- you know, all those "some day" ideas that happened long before Pinterest!

Do you remember that I mentioned some little drawers that The Man made to go inside the shoe cubbies?  Well, here are a few of them.  When I get a big bunch of fabric scraps that would be good for quilts, I go ahead and cut them into the size pieces that I use most often.

When I get enough, I want to make a true "scrap" quilt!

There is an entire shelf with these shoe boxes holding everything from floral wire & tape, to fillers, to styrofoam balls.  I love that I can see and grab the exact box that I need.

I have my own divided box of nails, screws, etc. -- a girl just needs her own stuff!

Because I have so many different things going on in this closet, it was very important for me to have everything well labeled.

Personal stuff like sunglasses, lint roller & a small makeup bag.......

Embroidery hoops, wooden rings, and my old electric knife that I now use to cut foam if I'm making a cushion, etc........

An assortment of leftover Christmas Card Kits.  I like this front and center, because I like to start working on my holiday cards during our long, hot summer.

On this far end, I placed a tension rod that helps contain some pieces of poster board and cardboard.  This is also where I keep my extra large zip bags, freezer paper (for quilting), a roll of contact chalkboard paper, & also some blank art canvases.

My old Pampered Chef tool caddy is perfect for "My Tools."  I use these all the time and it saves me from having to go to The Man's shop looking for something.   

I also have my IKEA roll of butcher paper here -- handy but out of the way.

Could not live without my label maker!

This box holds whatever I think I might want to repurpose or recycle.

At any given time it might contain some old books, small boxes, tp & paper towel tubes, & small tins.

Some of these stackable drawers use to be in my scrapbook area, but they are much easier to use here.  They hold seasonal or special occasion scrapbooking & crafting supplies, as well as specifics like borders & frames, & words-journaling items.

This drawer holds Winter, Valentine's Day, & St. Patrick's Day supplies.  I have some small containers inside the drawers that contain small items.

Borders and frames


Old photos in photo boxes are stashed here while I continue to work on certain albums.  They will be relocated to upper shelves once I am totally finished with those particular years.

Now on to the far left-side of the closet.  This end has an odd angle, but I maximized the use of the space by placing 2 hanging rods for my bigger pieces of fabric.

Children's plastic hangers work really well for this purpose.

On the floor, I used a large box and a couple of tote bags to hold poly stuffing and my quilt battings.
It looks messy but is actually pretty well organized.

I have two of these 7-drawer units (from Target years ago) sitting on another Expedit.  This stack holds temporary projects, & I place just a piece of index card inside the front so I can see which project is which.

These drawers have a hinged lid that snaps closed so nothing can spill out.  I usually place everything -- thread, trim, buttons, etc. for a particular project -- inside these drawers so I can just take it to my sewing machine.

This unit contains fat quarters, labeled by color, and also some quilt backings for some specific quilts that are on my project plan.

On top of these units is where I keep a canvas box that is filled with watered silk, metallics & some other specialty fabric pieces.  This is a good spot for my camera bag, too.

On the upper closet shelf I have two more of the stackable drawer units.  They are each labeled for specific things.  My interests are many, & include making little candles and special soaps.  These drawers pull all the way out very easily so I can take them to my work table or to the kitchen if something is going to be messy.

Each drawer is well labeled.

I love to make Teddy Bears as gifts and have several all cut out and ready to go in this box.

The ceilings are 10' in our home, including inside the closets, so why waste that space?  I have several large wreaths hung from nails up as high as I could reach.

These boxes contain a variety of things: one holds my yarn supply, one has some large rolls of fringe (from my custom sewing days), one has patterns & one has some clothing items that I want to repurpose or remake.

This is part of my yarn supply.  The rest is by my chair in the family room.  I don't have tons because I'm still a novice, but it certainly is fun!

Well, have you survived yet another installment of the craftroom tour?  I truly hope no one has gone into a deep coma!  I'm having so much fun sharing tidbits and showing you around.  I do hope you will come again!

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  1. Carol, Have you ever thought of doing this as a service and making money on it. You truly have the knack of "neat". Can you come to my house?
    The trouble with me is that I will put things neatly in boxes and then forget what is in them... I know, I should label, but I just don't. Ha!

  2. Just WOW. You are so organized and everything has its place. I'm seriously impressed!

  3. Hi Carol, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and joining. I'm now following you too. Wow I love how you made everything so organized!
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  4. I have one of those before Pinterest binders too. lol You are
    probably more organized than Martha Stewart and she has an army of staff to do it!! You can come to my house anytime!!

  5. Carol, you craft closet is just wonderful. You really do like a variety of projects and hobbies! How great to have a totally dedicated space for everything! You have outdone yourself in the closet! I may have to steal your storage idea for stickers/holidays/borders. Mine are in a box with dividers but I like the idea of the drawers! Looking forward to spending more time touring your craft space! Blessings and hope you enjoyed a special Easter day, Cindy

  6. Carol- What a wonderful crafting area you have there. WOW-You are right-there is a lot going on behind closed doors there. It looks great and you did a fantastic job there- xo Diana

  7. You are super organized, and you have re-inspired me to get busy~I have 1/2 of a garage that I use for craft, decorations and tablescape supplies and even though I know where everything is, there is no rhyme or reason to it and it could be much more efficient and I'd probably have more space too~I love the clever use of the tension rod to keep those cardboard pieces tidy~ Thanks so much

  8. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Oh my heavens, Carol! Your craft closet is amazingly organized. I'm so jealous!!
    It looks fantastic! I'm always amazed at how much more we can store when our space is organized. Wouldn't you agree :0) !?
    Great job!

  9. Carol, I love, love your craft room posts. Your room looks so beautiful and your closet is so organized. Always get the best inspiration from you. Very nice!

  10. Wow look at you! How perfectly well-organized and easy to find!! Wish I had a quarter of the supplies, too...

    Thanks for visiting me today!

  11. This is absolutely amazing, Carol!! You are a crafter extraordinaire, for sure!! I wish I were even half as organized as you, friend. Want to come to my house? :)

  12. WOW. Your closet is a dream come true. Having everything in one place, labeled, sorted, and easy to see.


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