Can you stand another organizing idea?

You may be growing weary of my sometimes quirky organizing ideas, but this one was kind of by request.  I was poking around in blogland a couple of days ago and Carmie of The Single Nester http://www.thesinglenester.com/2010/10/makeup-organization.html, caught my attention with her makeup organization.  I won't say I'm a makeup nut, but I do like makeup & use it every day, so I like it organized. Her idea was great, but I have a very small master bath (yep, it's a one sinker) & her storage container would have been too large for my available storage.  I mentioned that I had contained mine into a single drawer a couple of years ago & was still happy with my organized drawer system.  She asked if she could see it, & crazy blog sister that I am, I'm going to "assume" that some of the rest of you might like it as well.

I had to recreate the befores & my construction process since I hadn't thought to take pictures (who would have thought I'd be blogging, not me).  Yeah, messing up my drawer -- that's how much I love ya!  Okay this picture is approximately how messy it was before; well, it was probably a lot messier.

Seriously, I'm not a high-end makeup person.  I get most things at Walmart.  What can I say?

I actually got the idea for doing this to my makeup drawer because I had created something similar in my play room for some craft supplies.  I start most any project with a sketch of some kind.  I laid out my makeup items (man, did I ever do some tossing during this process) & put them in groups & measured.  Sounds rather tedious as I write about it, but it was really simple.

The supplies I used:  1/8" foam board, hot glue gun, ruler & cutting device

Essentially what you are creating is an insert with the foam board.  It doesn't need exterior sides, just the interior dividers.  With my measurements at hand, I cut the board pieces & started gluing.  This stuff dries very quickly, so it didn't take long at all.  The end result made it possible to have a makeup drawer that looks like this photo.  Totally works for me.

For makeup brushes, q-tips, cotton balls, etc., I found these simple glass containers at the DS.

Well, there you go.  Now you've seen inside the drawer that lets magic happen.  Hope this is of help to a few of you, anyway.  Maybe sometime I will show you how I organize my clothes closet.  Woopie, I bet you can't wait for that one!

Thanks for stopping by.  Please come again soon.

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