A little of this and a little of that!

Happy Tuesday to everyone.  Hope you all had a great weekend.  We spent most of our time cleaning up the backyard & getting it ready for our season of outside enjoyment.  Unless you live in the desert, you can't imagine the amount of dust that was covering everything!  Well, I've been taking lots of photos to show you, but haven't quite finished.  Will let you see those in the next day or so.

For today I just have to show you one more tweak I made to my mantel.  Okay, go ahead and laugh, because if you followed my Saga of the Mantel Dilemma, you'll remember how satisfied I thought I was with the end result.  So okay, just a reminder of what I thought was good.

Okay, here is where I pulled a little of this & a little of that together.  My collection includes an old jar, burlap, floral foam, sisal twine, moss of some kind, floral stems & a glue gun.  My floral stems were from Michael's & Walmart, whenever they were on sale for a $1 a piece.

The end result is this.

Now I'm satisfied!  Well, okay, please don't hold me to that.

My problem with the first photo was height or lack there of.  Everything seemed too low except for the side displays.  Now there is more variation & it's more pleasing, at least to me!

Thanks for stopping by.

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