Our simple dinner setting.

So excited to be joining Marty for Tabletop Tuesday

The Man & I are pretty casual around here most of the time and most often have our evening meal right here at the eating bar.  I always use placemats & cloth napkins -- we aren't totally lacking in class!  I have been collecting the new Fiestaware china for a few years now.  I have a place setting in almost every color -- that would be about 20 right now.  I've chosen placemats that combine lots of the colors of the china which then makes it really fun and easy to combine sets for my table settings.  This is one of my favorites right now for this time of year.  I've used Paprika & Shamrock.  Don't they look amazing together?  The cute green pitcher was purchased for a song at Ross.  Also got the salt/pepper shakers there.  The cream/sugar are from Tuesday Morning.

Sorry about the glare against the back wall.  There is a tall skinny window right behind me as I'm taking this pic & it's that bright Arizona sunshine making its presence known.

I got the chargers at Walmart & I've had the little terra cotta rooster napkin rings forever.

It's not fancy, but at least we are paperless!

Just as a side note, I have to mention how I took this last photo.  This was a photo challenge a few weeks ago from another blog sister, Becky Higgins (she's listed under My Blog List).  She suggested simply putting your camera down on a flat surface & snapping away.  You can do it on a table, the floor, the sidewalk--just to get a whole different perspective of things.  I've gotten some super cool photos doing this.  Give it a try.
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