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Welcome everyone!  You are invited to see our tiny little front porch transformed for fall.  Let me preface this by explaining a bit about our house.  We live in a townhouse (a lot of people call it a condo, but they are wrong) & have one shared wall.  This makes our front porch/entry a little odd.  It's really not too small, but a bit awkward, especially for taking photos.

The first pic is right after The Man (DH) power washed the walls & cleaned the window.  No, that's not a ghost you see, but me, reflected in those very clean windows.  This is my very blank canvas area & the only part of the porch that can be seen from the street.  You can't see it because of the security screen, but the wood door is that same shade of dark turquoise as the trim on the outside.  I love the color.

This is something a put together one day to replace a print that had long worn out its welcome.  Sorry about the reflection off the glass.  And it's not really crooked;  I guess I was holding the camera at an angle, honest.

This is how it all turned out.  I've had the wicker chair for years & it's been lots of different colors.  The large pot with the swag around it & the pumpkin on top is one that I had used forever on our living room display shelf (I'll show you before & afters of that pretty soon).  The tree branches are some that I foraged for on one of our morning walks & The Man was sweet enough to carry them home for me.  The mums (actually 3) are just tucked inside the bushel basket that I scored from Michael's yesterday for half off.  Also got the green pumpkin there, too.  Everything else are things I've had for years, including the cute little wreath on the door.

I'm pretty pleased with the way it looks.  When the weather starts to cool a bit, I'll be adding real pumpkins here and there.  I love tucking the small pumpkins in my larger flower pots.  Also plan to replace the jack-o-lantern pumpkins with regular pumpkins right after Halloween.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our humble little porch/entry and please stop by again.

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  1. Just blogging around and found your blog. I just love your decorations. I love reading different blogs, they are all so unique in their own right. Thank you for letting me visit.
    This is a fun read -bet it makes you smile


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