Leap of faith!

   I just posted this blog to my FB site, which is kind of scary;  that makes it more real & an actual commitment.  Oh my!  No, really, I'm okay and pretty excited about this.
   Thought I'd just share some of my plans for this blog.  I'm 60+ years young (I'm seriously in denial on this topic), so I feel that I've accumulated a wealth of information on the subject of hearth & home.  I'm not saying that it will all be worthwhile to everyone who may read it, but I'd love to share the good, the bad, & the ugly (hopefully not too much will be ugly) of what I've learned.
   My family has always been first & foremost in my life, making "home keeping" my #1 priority;   & even though I am now an empty-nester, it is still my priority.  As such, you might guess that this will be the main topic of this blog.   I hope to break this down into the following subjects:  cooking, cleaning, nurturing, decorating, organizing, gardening & crafting.
   Hope you haven't already fallen asleep with boredom and will bear with me as I tackle this new project.  By-the-way, did I tell you that I'm technologically challenged?  Well, yes I am, but I can learn!  Hope you enjoy.

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