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   I shared with you that I am organized & pretty much enjoy organizing any & everything.  A couple of years ago I bought this little journal at Michael's for a buck, knowing exactly what I wanted to use it for.  This is where I keep all the info I need for making our holidays run smoothly.   My holiday schedule starts with Fall and goes through New Years Day, so every thing I need to keep track of is contained within this book.  It has enough pages to hold 3 or 4 years worth of info including a few photos of displays taken around our home.  I simply divided it up using those sticky tabs for the current year.  My labels include:
The Year, Family & Friends gift list, Gifts & Goodies to make, Decorating ideas, & a Timeline.  I also attached an envelope to the inside back cover to hold receipts through the season.  For those who are really into technology, you may prefer to use your computers, IPads, or multi-faceted phones to house this info.  But for me, I love having this book that I can toss in my purse when I'm out and about or grab while I'm  watching TV.  I never know where or when I'm going to get some great idea for a gift or a decorating project.  I also like having the photos from years past as just a reminder of what I did (sometimes but rarely do the same thing twice).  Below are a few pics just to give you an idea of how I use this book.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Hope you enjoy!

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