Come in and I'll hang up your coat.

Well, yes, that would be me trying to be clever.  We are onto Challenge 8 at A Bowl Full of Lemons and as you probably guessed, it's the coat closet.  We do have one, but not all Arizona houses do.  What we have is very small (about 3' wide), and I utilize all of it.  As you might expect, there are numerous other things besides coats & jackets in this closet.  It really isn't too messy, though, so let's take a look.


This is what is residing in this space besides coats/jackets: a 2-tier cube-thing w/canvas inserts, a basket full of recycle bags & umbrellas, 2 fold-away wheeled crates, 2 dining table extensions, map books, stadium cushions, some books, sunhat, small cooler bag, lap desk, bed tray.  Surprised, aren't you?  Well, guess what?  Most of this stuff is staying.

I did get rid of a couple of things.  I got rid of the books and weeded out the recycle bags.  One of the canvas cubby inserts holds gloves, scarves, stocking caps, etc.  Yes, we are wearing those things now when we go for our 5:30 am walk -- it's cold in the desert in the wee hours!  The other canvas insert holds my knitting/crochet projects.  I'm such a domestic goddess!


The basket fits nicely on the shelf & still holds recycle bags & umbrellas.  I know, I know!  We live in the desert, so what's with the umbrellas?  Have you ever seen or been in a monsoon?  Umbrellas - NEED!  One thing that I did that made a significant difference was to hang everything in the same direction.  They fit together better on the rod and look nicer.  Did everyone know this before me?

Okay, that's a wrap (get it - wrap, coat) for this little challenge.  Sorry, I'm just feeling a bit goofy tonight.
Hope y'all had at least as much fun as I did and please come back soon.


  1. You did a great job...do you need a lot of coats in Arizona? We have a handful here in So.Cal!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  2. Becky,
    We've had some very chilly weather, even close to freezing a couple of times, so we do need some of the heavier stuff. We are cold when it's in the 50's because we just aren't used to it.

  3. You have been working so hard lately with all of your cleaning out and organizing. I am jealous of how neat your making everything. Do you think you could come here when your finished with everything? LOL, have a great day!


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