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I really don't think I've ever shown you more than a few glimpses, mainly of the mantle, of our sunroom.  We love this room and spend a lot of time here.  I don't have any before pics, so just visualize a concrete patio with a 30" slump block wall and screened panels on the two outside walls.  Got the visual?  I've taken a ton of pictures, so grab a cup of something sit back and relax.  I promise not to do too much dialogue.

This is the view from our dining room.  Not too much wall space in this room, but mostly windows & doors.  The Man built this room and did the tile.

The Man built these shelves about 30 years ago.  They were originally a very dark stain that matched our dining room furniture.  I like the sage green.

A few more of my California Missions have found a home on these shelves.

Abby's shelf.

 I apologize for all the glare, but that would be the AZ sun and why this is called a sunroom!

Love this table for morning coffee, jigsaw puzzles, & games.

Have had this print for many years, but haven't used it in some time -- I'm not real fond of it.  Decided to hang it from a wreath hanger on this big mirror and kind of like it here.

This and.....


and this are some pieces I purchased at Tuesday Morning last fall.  Got all 3 for around $15, I think.

 These next 2 photos are pieces that The Man's aunt made for us.  She learned china & tile painting & wood carving when she was in her late 70's.  We have been the recipients of numerous items of her many talents, and they are truly cherished.  She's long since left us, but her spirit continues on in her art.

This is the view from our Master Bedroom.

This is my cozy corner where I read or blog, usually with Abby in my lap.

This is an old sewing machine & cabinet that had been my dear sweet MIL's.  It's a great side table.  I love my little stained glass lamp.

Adorable bird plate from Pier 1 -- $6, I think.  Not new!

Great place for a nap!

The closet that you see, is my decor storage/gift-wrap closet that you can read about HERE.

This cute little guy belongs to The Man.  It is truly the only decor item in our entire home that he claims as solely his.  He's very possessive with it.

He is all leather stretched over some kind of frame.

The eyes are glass.

Can you guess?

Love this fan.  Makes me want to sip Mint Juleps or even iced sweet tea.

A few pics at night.

Our view out the back.

Our view into the dining room and kitchen.

I don't have a green thumb, I just have a great sunroom for growing things.  Some of what's pretty right now.  A lovely gift from our neighbor.

This is actually an '09 poinsettia that bloomed completely on its own for this past Christmas.  I didn't do anything except feed and water it.

Love orchids!  This is a Dendrobrium in full bloom.  The other one is a Phalaenopsis that is just busy getting new growth.

This African Violet has been blooming since last summer.  As soon as old blooms dry up, new ones are opening.

Whew!  I warned you that there were a ton of pictures.  I hope you didn't get bored to death and that you will come by again soon.
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