Ode to a Linen Closet

Hey everyone.  We are off to Challenge 4 on the 21 Day Organization Plan at A Bowl Full of Lemons --the linen closet.  My linen closet is probably average-size as far as linen closets ( or cupboards) go, but it's the only place to store some of the other household necessities which means it pulls double or triple duty.  I do try to keep it as organized as possible, but sometimes it gets away from me.

Thought we would ease into this with this photo of the outside of the cupboard.  Innocent looking, right?

Okay, now for the chaos.   Upper section.

Lower section.

Now you see what I meant by this cabinet housing other necessities beyond linens.  It has to store kleenex, TP, paper towels, cleaning rags, the 1st aid kit, etc, etc, etc.  

I chose not to pull everything out, but instead, wiped down and shifted items as I went along.  I did a lot of sorting out and have another trip to GW waiting in my car.  Now you can start to see improvement.

I already had the labels on the shelves but moved a few around.  Top shelf has sheet sets & some pillow covers.  I have quite a few throw pillows around our home & make covers to change them out, usually seasonally.  The middle shelf has kitchen/dining linens -- tablecloths, placemats, napkins, dishcloths & potholders.  I change these items seasonally, too.


Got the glass jar at a thrift store & it holds small hotel shampoos, lotions, etc. for when we have guests.  The basket that you can almost see has paper handtowels, special soap, etc. for the guest bath.

Okay, I love The Bath & Body Shop soaps & handcreams, can you tell?  I always stock up when they have their sales.  Also have hand sanitizer & refills, eye wear cleaner, lint rollers, Scentsy bars & room sprays.

This lower section top shelf has my box of rags.  How many rags does one house need?  I don't know!  I also have a basket of sponges & disposable gloves--wear them for everything from cleaning to cutting up onion and handling raw meat.   And yes, I do keep a supply right in the kitchen.  This shelf also holds our BP machine (remember, we're old!), 1st aid kit, heating pad (yikes, we're getting older by the minute!).  Next shelf has a couple of old towels for emergency water cleanup -- you know what I'm talking about.  Also have a couple of small blankets/quilts in a recycled zippered bag & our supply of Kleenex.  Bottom shelf is saved for TP & paper towels.  Can you see all that "vacant" space in there?  It's staying vacant!

That's a wrap on my linen cupboard.  It's kind of embarrassing to open up drawers and closets;  exposing yourself, as it were, for the world to see.  It's also very cathartic.  It feels especially good to be doing this as the new year is just getting started.  Thanks, Toni, for setting up this challenge.  Hope you enjoyed looking through my messes and please come back soon.
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  1. Um yeh, this reminded me that I have a linen closet that needs to be cleaned out. I'll get to that eventually too. I'm adding it to the list!!!

  2. I did that in the fall, it was rewarding, and especially now, it is still going strong...maybe it was all the threatening I did?LOL!

  3. I only have about half that much space for all of my stuff and way too many table linens. Yours is gorgeous and so organized. I love it. Hugs, Marty

  4. Oh man! That is seriously motivating me to get organized! I wanted to let you know that I am going to be featuring your gorgeous garden building at the Inspiration Friday party this week so be sure to pop over and take a look! :-)

  5. Saw your garden building on Southern at Heart. How FAB! Now, the the closets: Can you come over? Monday will be fine. Your new follower.

  6. Hi! Just coming back by to say thanks for linking this up to the party! :-)


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