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Traci at The Traci Chronicles will totally think I'm copying her, but I'm not.  She did, however, inspire me to share my closet "tidy-up" photos that I did a couple of weeks ago prior to our house getting listed.  You should go check out her closet, she did a great job.

The Man & I each have our own closet, but neither are walk-ins.  Shortly after we purchased this house, The Man added closet organizers of our own design.  Much cheaper than having one of those Closet Organizer Companies do it.  I'm only sharing views of my closet because, well, his just isn't very interesting.  Mine stays fairly tidy -- ya'll know I like order -- but sometimes it just needs some freshening.  Ya know what I mean?  Because we have sliding doors, I will have to show you one end and then the other.

The first 2 photos are "befores" but not really too bad.  Just some random sloppiness.

I did some serious purging, straightened my purses, & took out unused hangers.

To the left of the shelves, you can see some pins hanging from an unused belt.  My sweet 87 year young neighbor (aka my Yuma Mom) makes jewelry and these are pins and earring sets that she has made for me over the years.  Hanging them from a hook on this old belt keeps them out where I can see them & use them.  They are also kind of arty, I think.

I keep some of my dressier & out of season shoes in these plastic shoe boxes up high, and they are labeled. What did you expect?

Some dressier or cloth-type shoes for the current season are in the plastic boxes down low on the shelves.

 One of the organization things The Man added for me is this board that has been outfitted with lots of hooks.  It is attached by hinges to the closet frame so that it swings out for use and then goes back flush with the inside wall when not in use.  The top hooks hold little drawstring nylon bags, each one holding a set of costume jewelry.  This is only the "fun" jewelry and the good pieces are elsewhere.  The lower hooks hold long chains, belts, and a small mesh bag for hand washables.

The bags are not completely clear, but enough that I can see what's inside.  I bought most of these at Walmart in the bridal section -- much cheaper than the same thing at Michael's.

Now for the left-hand side of the closet.  The Man also installed a light fixture for me.  He's the best!

The top rack is where I hang all my tops.  They are in groups (short sleeve, long-sleeves & sweaters, & dressier jackets).  Each group is arranged by color (I do the Roy G Biv method).

This is a very wide closet, with about 3' not accessible by the door.  The Man installed a rod across the depth of the closet for longer items.  I mainly hang things here that I don't need as often -- suits, dressy trousers, skirts, dresses, etc.

This end of the closet also has some shelves that are rounded on the side to make it easier to access that back hanging area.  I keep my "wear all the time" shoes, slippers, tennies, hat box, & one shelf has some chunky bracelets in a basket.  I like having some fun things to look at in my closet.  The lower rod holds my complete outfits.  What's that, you may be asking?

I don't know about ya'll, but I tend to reach for what's convenient.  That being said, I don't like to wear the same things over and over again.  About every two weeks, when I do my ironing, I plan out several outfits -- including the top, bottom, sweater or jacket, & accessories.  Having my jewelry in the little bags really comes in handy here.  I hold the outfits together with the drawstring of the jewelry bag.  I try to have an assortment of outfits -- some for just around the house, something for lunch out with friends, etc.  Now I can reach for an entire outfit because it's convenient!

Just an example of one of my outfits.  This makes it super easy when we are taking a trip or just going away for a weekend.  Most of the time, I just leave things on the hangers and fold them into my suitcase.

Some of my larger purses are up here.  Also have some evening bags and dressier bags in canvas boxes.

I love these long trendy scarves and found this to be the easiest way to keep them from getting wrinkly.

Wow, that was probably way more than you ever wanted to see or hear about someone's closet, huh?  Well, I'm just a sharing kinda-person, what else can I say?  Wake up, if you fell asleep on the "clutter-free" floor of my closet!  Heehee!  I'm glad you stopped by and hope you will come again soon.

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  1. Of course I don't think you're copying! HA! Your closet looks great! I love your idea of putting some outfits together. I didn't notice any of those awesome footy pj's in there!!!

  2. Your making me jealous...my closet is a hot mess!

  3. You are so well organiezed! You have given me such a great idea on how to plan my weekly work wardrobe/jewelry. Love the idea of hanging my jewelry in a baggie to the outfit I'll wear with! Excellent!

  4. I enjoyed your post about your closet as that's what I'm doing now, love how you organized your jewlery too!

  5. Hi Cas
    WOW ~ love your closet! I thought I could organize, but I love the idea of hanging outfits together, with the jewelry no less. Great idea!

  6. Looks great, we had the same idea of getting organized. Now all your closet needs is to be
    ROYGBIV(ROY-G-BIV) thats a retail tern of colorizing. Red tones first,orange and yellow...then green,blue, next comes your blacks,beige,and finally whites.

  7. Now you can come do mine! Your before is sooooo much better than my NOW! Thanks for sharing your organization skills, Cas.

  8. Your closet is wonderful!! Can you please come and organize mine pretty please!??;)

  9. Oh, my goodness, your closet now looks so organized. Coming over from BNOP

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  10. Love the scarf idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Can't wait to start following you! :)


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