An Update and My Love for All-Things Pier 1 On Sale!!!

Hey ya'll, hope you are off to a great day.  Several have asked about the new grandbaby, and he/she is apparently not as eager to meet all of us as we are to meet him.  The Man and I have been living out of our suitcases for a week and a half now.  Saturday is the actual due date, but with the false labor that's been going on for a couple of weeks now, we have all expected an early arrival.  I know my sweet DIL is so very ready to be done, but she never-ever complains at all.  I will keep ya'll posted.

I had to make a quick run to Pier 1 yesterday for some potpourri.  Let me explain.  Ya know when you don't have much to do, as in not wanting to start major and/or messy projects that you can't clean up in a hurry, you have way too much time to dwell on little issues.  Well, that would be me right now.  With the house for sale, I'm nitpicking about everything.  One of my little quirks (or obsessions), is over house-smells.  I am totally addicted to candles, diffusers, etc;  whatever is going to make our home smell good.  Knowing that we could get called away in the middle of the night and having to leave the house all closed up, I started obsessing about how the house might smell without my daily ritual of burning candles & spraying room freshener.  Decided potpourri would be the best answer and Pier 1 has some that I really like.  So off I went to one of my fav stores.  Found some great potpourri & diffuser oil, Citrus Cilantro, & then took a quick spin through the store.  I'm not supposed to be buying things that will have to get packed up soon, but I couldn't resist.  Besides, they were table linens -- so easy to pack.

First up, if you remember I had this great, large wooden bowl that The Man cleaned and refinished for me, but it has been sitting empty on my dining room table since all the Christmas decor went bah-bye.

Well, ta-da, my newly acquired potpourri plus some of those earthy spheres (I've had these for years now) mixed in because this bowl is quite big.  Also added some berries that I had from last fall.  I'm so totally into greens right now.  Dang, potpourri is not cheap!  Good thing I saved so much on other stuff.

Okay, you're getting a glimpse of part of my super deal purchase from the linen section of the store.  Can you see it?

Yep, another tablerunner.  I love it when I find ones that are 72" long -- that's perfect for my table without the leaves.  Super buy at $7.48!  Can you believe that?

I'm crazy-nuts about the patchwork of these beautiful fabrics.

Love, love, love these fabrics!

Then what did my wandering eyes find?  Matching placemats.  There were only 2, bummer;  but I'm going to look in the big city when we go.  You'll never guess the price of these little lovelies -- 48 cents.  I repeat, 48 CENTS!

The little fabric ball fringe is just too cute!

I started pulling out some of my Fiesta Ware and found several combos that look great.  Chocolate & Rose are perfect.  But I also tried Sea Mist Green, Periwinkle Blue, Lemongrass, & Cinnabar.  Each time I tried a different color, that color just popped within the fabric.  The napkins are kind of a soft blue-gray which worked with everything.  I could only get 3 of those, but will look for more or do some mixing and matching.  Would you believe the napkins were only, wait for it....28 Cents!  Score!

I could really see these pieces (hope I can find more) on an Easter table.  The colors are just so scrumptious.  For now, because I've got a "red-thing" going on in my kitchen & dining rooms, my new "lovely" has found a temporary home on our game table in the sunroom.  It really looks nice in here, too.

Hope ya'll enjoyed my little "obsessions" tour.  Please come back soon.

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  1. This is a very pretty table scape! I would like to invite you to link this up to my new link party, Masterpiece Monday, at Boogieboard Cottage. The link will be up all week. Take care, Mary :O)

  2. what a great table scape you created for next to nothing and made it look so expensive, wow! You're so speaking my language with the fabrics there.... love it!


  3. I just love that bowl! The runner & placemats are really pretty. What a great sale you found. I hope that grandbaby decides to make an appearance soon!

  4. Oh, I love sales at Pier I, and you really got some neat things there for your tablescape. Thanks for the heads up.


    Sheila :-)

  5. Oh yes, you got the deals! Runner and placemats are great!!

  6. That wooden bowl is a beauty. I love that potporri and what a great runner and placemats.

  7. I agree, "smells" are so important and especially when selling your house! Your potpourri is so beautiful, I can imagine it smells just as good! It looks terrific in that lovely bowl too. Great find on the placemats and runner!


  8. I have a coupon for Pier I and have been very tempted...I may hit er up this weekend. Waiting for that baby, how exciting!

  9. P.S I spied thos placemats too, and love em!

  10. Yes that runner is fabulous! I love the fabrics in it also. I bet your popourri smells wonderful too!

  11. Nice tablescape! Really like your wooden bowl and the Pier 1 finds.

  12. What wonderful deals you got. I would have bought them too...so pretty! I love the wooden bowl with all the goodies in it. It must smell wonderful.

    Thanks for visiting me!

  13. Great idea! I love your finds and the patchwork is the best.

    Have a blessed w/end,

  14. Love, love, love that table runner! I just found one there for $8 too but I actually like yours way better! I have a big wooden bowl like that and never know quite what to do with it so this was some great inspiration. :-) Thanks so much for sharing it at the party this week and best of luck to you and your family on the impending arrival of the baby!

  15. Your runner and potpourri are wonderful, and I think that you showed great restraint! Cheerry Kay

  16. I am SO with you on the Pier 1 thing! They have great sales on linens, and I try to be patient enough to wait and get them at that 70% off mark. You got some great stuff!


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