Oh no, not under the kitchen sink!

Okay, let's face it.  The area under the kitchen sink (or any sink for that matter) is not pretty.  You can clean it up and make it tidy and organized, but it just isn't going to be pretty.  The best you can hope for is clean enough so that nothing unsightly wants to grow or hide under there.  Today's Challenge 5 from A Bowl Full of Lemons is to organize and clean under the kitchen sink.

The area under my sink is pretty overwhelmed with a large disposal & an RO water system.  This water system is only for drinking water (special spigot at the sink) & the ice maker.  I can't allow too much to collect under there because it might interfere with that system.  Well, that's what The Man told me, anyway;  but maybe he was joshin' me so that I would keep it clean.  Hmmm?  Anyhoo, here is the before shot.

All cleaned out and put new paper down.

I already had the clip and hook for gloves and brushes.  Also had the little basket that holds Comet, baking soda (better for Corian than Comet), white vinegar (good in dishwasher to cut down calcium buildup), Glass Magic (Yuma water is awful & full of yucky stuff) to add to the dishwasher, & the kitchen garbage bags.

On this side are my Clorox Cleanups & dishwasher soap.  Handy-dandy plastic bag holder on the door.

There you have it.  There is one definite advantage to having all that equipment under the sink.  It really does prevent too much accumulation of junk.  Thanks for visiting under the sink.  Hope y'all had so much fun that you will come back soon.
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