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Happy New Year everyone!  I just love New Year's Day and not because of football.  I just love the fact that I have a whole new year to do things.  It's truly a renewal time for me.  I start my new calendar(s), new "To Do" lists, & clear away all the remnants of Christmas.  That's taken a bit longer this time due to being sick, but even that's almost finished.  For those who have followed me for a couple of months, you know I'm kind of freakily organized, but organization is one of my passions.  I love the act of organizing things and then enjoying the outcome.  When I discovered A Bowl Full of Lemons, I was thrilled.  As organized as I am, I always strive to be better and Toni is ready to kick some serious "clutter butt" with this challenge.  Day 1 (this is a 21 day challenge) is all about tackling the junk drawer.  Usually this is in the kitchen, but it can be wherever clutter seems to overwhelm drawer space.

My first pic is my kitchen junk drawer.  This is how it has looked for several months.  I'm not joshin' ya, I didn't touch a thing except open the drawer to snap this shot.  I could probably do a bit of tweaking, get rid of a few pencils, pens, etc;  but The Man reaches into this drawer at least once every single day & has been returning items to their designated places.  Let's just be clear here, I'm not messing with this little bit of perfection, okay?

Okay, now we get down to one of the nasty little secrets of my otherwise "fairly" organized home.  This is the drawer in the end table on my side of our recliner sofa.  I do have a rather lame excuse and I'll run it by you.  I'm kind of a shorty and this end table is as deep as the sofa;  so when I'm all reclined and comfy and need something from this drawer, I just stretch my arm around the corner & grab.  I've learned to keep all my essentials like chapstick, nail file, clippers, eye glass cleaner, tums, pens & pencils in this left-hand corner in a container.  I can just feel what I need, grab it, use it and toss it back into the container.  That being said, I truly don't know why the rest of the drawer gets so messy.  Today when I cleaned it out, it contained numerous pkgs. of Xmas light replacements.  Truly, how many do you need? Is 2 enough and 5, too many?  I don't know!  Help me!  Okay, other items found were several tea lites because I'm a candle-person, especially during the holidays and they need to be handy.  I know, lame.  Oh, and that tube of hand cream had died many moons ago.  There were some odds and ends that I'm sure The Man tossed in there.  Probably because he didn't want to mess up the kitchen junk drawer!

Seriously, this took me about 3 minutes to clear away the clutter, put things where they actually belonged and tidied up what needed to stay.  Don't judge me on that little container on the left-hand side.  I haven't gotten any taller, so I still need to be able to reach in and grab, okay?

Just for grins I thought I'd show you my bathroom cosmetic drawer.  You see I really am pretty organized.  It's been like this for about 2 years now.  Makes my morning routine much easier.

Alright, I'm feeling very motivated, so bring on Day 2 challenge.  I'm ready.


  1. Happy New Year! What a great way to start a new year...organized and tidy! I just finished my one daily walk-in closet! I am ready to start work on Monday!!!

  2. I have several places in my house that need to be organized. I started with my closet today. I'm not finished but I made a lot of progress!

  3. Tremendous. My makeup drawer is in need of an overhaul. In fact, that's the one I should have done today, but I was too ashamed to show anyone! :)

  4. good organization ideas - I need to get on the drawer organization wagon! found you through southern in my heart's link party :)

  5. This is funny, because my son actually called me "The Closet Queen" one day, because I'm freakish about neat and tidy closets and drawers, but I do have a drawer that looks like that sometimes. It's a drawer in an end table in my living room, so don't feel bad.


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