Theses are the plans.

Hey, everyone.  As you can tell, I'm still fiddling around with my blog header, but this one seems appropriate for me right now.  A big "thank you" to sweet Becky Higgins for taking this beautiful photo and writing the thoughtful sentiments to go with it.  Then she was kind enough to make it available for anyone to use.  I hope you will take the time to read her short post that carries a big impact.

Because several have asked, I thought I would share what our plans are.  We signed the listing papers yesterday to sell our house.  We feel very confident in our realtor choice, after interviewing 3.  She actually lives just a few doors down from us, but that's not why we chose her.  The first two we interviewed were very nice & we liked their personalities.  The 3rd one and the one we chose, was nice but the ultimate professional.  Elizabeth is an early 50-something, broker/agent, & part owner of one of the more popular firms in our area.  We almost never see her here in our neighborhood because she is a self-professed "workaholic" and that shows in her sales.

After we sell, The Man will retire, and we will be moving our home back to the Phoenix area to be closer to our children and grandchildren.  We have never lived close enough to our married children to just have an impromptu Sunday dinner together, so we are all looking forward to that.  We are excited that we will be able to have one or two of the grands over to spend the night or just a day to do something with "Nanna & Bappa."  We are excited that when we want to travel, we won't have to drive three hours to the airport or pay an extra $200 or $300 to fly out of here.  We are excited about more things to do, classes to take,  & places to shop!  And, if you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that I'm so excited about a new blank canvas to decorate!

I'm not looking forward to the selling process, however.  We have lived in this house for 16 years and have done a ton of updating and upgrading to make it the ultimate retirement spot for us.  Packing up 16 years of collected treasures seems daunting, but exciting as well,  and we see this process as the first step for this next faze of our lives..  Actually, we are looking at two moves because we will probably rent for a year.  That's because we are looking in some areas of Phoenix that we aren't that familiar with & want to get a feel for the surroundings before we lock ourselves into homeownership.

Anyway, those are the plans.  I don't know just how much blogging I will be doing in the immediate future, but I do plan to keep tabs on my blog-sisters and continue to bookmark all the wonderful ideas I get from you.  You are all so terrific, and I appreciate all these special friendships I've made.

Just a side-note, a very important one, our sweet DIL has given us the word that her OB has said the baby could come any day now.  We are packing some bags today to be ready, just in-case we have to leave in the middle of the night.  We will be taking care of the 2 year old.  We don't know the gender of the baby, but just pray for healthy.  This will be our #6 and the last one, we've been told.

I think I've bent your ear enough -- writing without pictures is rather boring, isn't it?  Please keep good thoughts for us about babies and house sales.  Thanks for stopping by and please come by again very soon.
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