I've been organizing, now I need to do some decorating.

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I've been doing this 21 Day Organization Challenge with Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons, and it's been fun and very worthwhile.  However, I've missed just puttering around and doing tablescapes.  Sooo.....decided to do a post  that I could link to the tablescape divas out there in blogland.  I'm starting to get the hang of taking before pictures, because I took some of these just after I put the Christmas decor away and got my tables all cleaned and polished.

I'm inviting you into my living room this time.  This is the corner media cabinet in all its almost "bareness."  I know you've seen it several times, but I've decked it out differently.


I hadn't displayed my California Missions in a few years until Christmas.  I put them around in a few places and really enjoyed seeing them, so decided to incorporate them into my current decor.  I'm kind of into small lamps and little light displays, so these are perfect.  I have some old bottle brush trees behind, but they are almost the color of the wood and very hard to see.  I brought in some old classics that we've had for years and a tin piece that I've had for awhile.

Isn't this sweet?

Nothing changed on the very top, but the small section just below got a new look.  Again, I used one of my missions, some books & accented with some faux ivy.  Something I just discovered is that books look so much better without book jackets.  I know that is old news to a lot of you who are into really old books, but most of ours are not that old.  They just look more vintage without all the wild colors of a book jacket.  I know, I know -- late to the party!

This is The Man's side table.  Truth be told, he would probably prefer it remain bare except for the phone  & the lamp.  That would be just wishfullness on his part & he knows that's not going to happen!

I "cozied" it up for him.  I kept the ivy topiary from the Christmas display, added a candle and a framed photo.

One of my favorite newer photos of The Man & I.  You are looking at 41+ years of marital bliss.  Yea, right!  Maybe not blissful for the entire 41+ but quite close, actually.  Love and mutual respect, those are key.  Oh, and extreme tolerance on his part for all my "quirkiness!"

This is my side table all clean and shining.

I usually have a lot going on in the way of a tablescape here but have chosen to keep it simple this time.

Shopped the decor closet & other areas of our home for these items.  Got the candle holder (along with its partner that is residing on The Man's side table) at Kirklands some time ago on sale.  The glass orbs came in a set of 5 in a metal basket (also Kirklands on sale a while back).  I didn't like that look, so I used this metal tray that I had to hold just 3 orbs.  The candles are hazelnut scented and smell so good.  Sorry for the slight blurriness.

I have a few more things to share in this room, but I think I'll save those for another day.  Hope y'all had a great time and will come back soon.


  1. It's so fun to decorate out of the 'DecorCloset'...that's a good word for Already HadIt! This is my first visit to your blog, and I really enjoyed seeing your Southwest Decor....being from Texas and all. I really like that you use your Mission collection year round as they do make a niche very interesting and the light just adds a special glow.

    I'm your newest Follower. I hope you'll come on over to Texas and visit my blog. I'm a collector, too!

  2. Your vignettes are just gorgeous. Your home always looks so warm and inviting and your vignettes display that. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  3. Morning Cas,
    Liked all your vignettes, they look very nice and rustic. Love those lil mission houses, really cute, and go very well along with the books.
    Also liked the table and lamp with the topiary,
    candle and pic. Nice Pic of you and hubbie, he looks like a sweet man, and Congratulations on 41 yrs. of marriage, I love to see that!!
    Can wait to see the rest.
    I still haven't taken all my stuff down yet, cause I am still spring cleaning my bedroom, but just about finished, and I am starting to get the bug to take it down, I really haven't wanted to before now. So guess that will make it easier hopefully!! lol
    Blessings for a good week hon,

  4. It looks great! I always struggle with the bedside tables. No matter what I do they always end up cluttered with books or pills or something! I LOVE hazelnut candles. I bought some just because they were the color I needed & fell in love with the scent!

  5. Another grandchild for you! How exciting. I know what you mean about the little boy thing. My parents have 5 granddaughters so this one is going to be the first boy and they are so happy. It's unfamiliar territory for me so I'm bracing myself for being the mommy to a little boy! Good luck to your sweet DIL and I will be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers for sure.

  6. And the remote, Cas, don't forget the remote on his side table! : ) Nicely done and it's always great when you can shop your own home for accessories.

  7. I LOVE the 'S' on top of your media cabinet. I want one just like that now! You've bought out the greedy monster in me!!



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